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  1. Fuji should do what Nikon USA does. If you are a Pro photographer and a Nikon NPS member you can pre-order, pre-pay like anyone else from a Nikon authorized dealer but you get bumped to the top of the list for new Nikon gear. I got the new 105 mm 1.4 from B&H last Friday delivered easily a day or two ahead of the rest non NPS members . Neat benefit for Pro photographers. Of course you have to prove you are a pro with Nikon, you can't just claim it, they have several steps and it is not a overnight process, took months for me once I applied.
  2. I have the same type of concern. My plan is the 16-55 mm 2.8 with a mono-pod. My thought is a zoom will allow me to recompose faster than a prime lens as who ever is walking the isle gets closer to camera position. The one thing I am thinking is to get focus confirmation. On the back of the XT-1 their is a light that occasional blinks. It is for both the SD card recording and a Warning that the exposure is a problem. In short I know if it is blinking green on the back of the camera I need to change exposure or re-focus, something is wrong.
  3. To the OP: Your post about all of these lenses seem like you do not have any first hand experience with the Fuji X system. Seems more conjecture and guessing. I own a decent amount of Fuji glass with my XT-1. Keep in mind what is not a good lens or camera or filter or anything is the perfect item for someone else. If you are going to review a lens you either have to be crystal clear that you have the lens, shot the lens, used the lens to make money at photography, made actual prints from said lens. If not all this means is you can not financially afford said lens and wish your could
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