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    Portraits 56mm F1.2

    Some of my favourite portraits with the 56mm F1.2
  2. I have shot the milky way with the samyang 12mm F2 with iso 1600 and about 25seconds (xt1). 30 seconds loses sharpness and you can already see some movement. but the lens is awesome to shot the night sky. Great images Steve! Well done!
  3. Everyday, during the summer tourist season, these kids make a living out of asking 1 euro for each jump that they do on the most iconic bridge of Porto, in Portugal. This bridge was made by the same architect as the eifel tower, Gustav Eifel. They spend their day jumping, laughing, enjoying the sun, smoking and talking to tourists. These are kids that choose to be outside asking for money to do something they enjoy, rather than stealing or who knows, staying home playing on their ipad. I dunno much of their life yet, but i've promised myself i will document their daily life soon !
  4. I have the Samyang 85mm 1.4. It is a decent quality lens specially for it's price. It's obviously made for portrait and it works good IF you like the soft look. This is not an ultra sharp lens. But for specifically getting soft results, it is quite good. I don't regret buying it, cause i know there are situations i really like to use it, but to be honest it's use is quite limited. Now that the 90mm F2 fuji lens is out, i would not buy it, cause i get the soft results in post production if i really want to, and i'd have the sharpness that the samyang 85 simply can't get.
  5. Out of the lenses i'm thinking of getting, the only one i want and will eventually get even if i go for the 16-55, is the 35mm 1.4. So my options are : 1. 16-55 F2.8 WR or 2. Samyang 12mm F2, XF 35mm F1.4 and XF 27 f2.8 The reason of the 27mm is because it comes together with a 35mm in a very good promotion in my country. And i'd still be able to afford the samyang for a wider range shooting. What i mainly shoot ?! Street Photography, portrait and landscapes. I'll eventually use my lenses a few times for night photography and for a few events a cover (weddings, parties, but i don't do this often). If i go for the 16-55, basically i'll have the workhorse for the few times i get paid for my photography. If i go for the fixed lenses 12,27,35, i feel my street photography will improve and get better results. I know in the end it's a personal decision, but i'd still like to get some opinions, probably from owners of all these lenses. So... what would your option be ? thank you for your time.
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