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  1. Wild shot in the dark here, but if anyone comes across my kit for sale somewhere please let me know! Bag was stolen in Philadelphia, PA this past Friday night. Domke F2 bag - green canvas Fuji X-T1 w/dovetail grip and flash, brown leather wrist strap (fuji neck strap was also in bag) 18-55mm 55-200mm 14mm 23mm RRS mini/tabletop tripod iPhone tripod mount - arca swiss compatible batteries allen wrenches rocket shaped air blaster
  2. Kaladin, thanks, I'm pretty sure exposure preview was enabled as I only turn it off when shooting with strobes. Worthy of a double-check, though. Antony, thanks for the link. Nice wedding video, too! I haven't seen too many people doing timelapses like yours for weddings. Well done! Mart46, the clips are at 24 fps so from around 200 to 750 for the three posted. Remeife, I like the UI, too. A bit quicker/easier to work with than the Nikon D800 + D750. I have a F-mount adaptor to use all my Nikkor and Zeiss ZF lenses, and probably will in the future, but it really would have been nice if the 18-55 was more consistent. Maybe the 16-55 is in my future after all. I'm off to the beach for a week - hopefully I'll find the time to see how the 55-200 performs.
  3. I tried the FD for a few minutes and agree with the 2nd Posters sentiments - it sucks. After reading that enabling it interferes with other AF functions I turned it off, most likely to never be turned on again. Relying on the camera to choose critical focus gives me the heebie jeebies anyway. That said, if it's an included feature, it should work properly.
  4. I have the 14mm and use it all the time for architecture/interiors and whatever else. I like the "21mm" focal length a lot and try not to shoot interiors much wider - the perception/distortion of space just goes too far for me most of the time. I may get the 10-24 sometime for more versatility in small spaces,landscapes, etc. but, for now, I'm content.
  5. I finally realized that the X-T1 had an interval shooting timer built in so yesterday I went out and made a few clips - processed in Bridge/Photoshop. I'm by no means a seasoned timelapser - really just have messed around in the past and done short clips as an add on to jobs here and there. Camera had no problem with 2sec. interval raw capture - never hiccuped using a 95MB/s Sandisk card. I switched over to jpeg (Chrome) after the first clip to save myself disk space and time on the computer. In the past I've always used manual lenses for time lapse stuff so I kind of forgot about potential exposure/aperture issues with modern lens designs. 23mm did a fine job - very consistent exposures throughout. 18-55mm - not so much. Exposure "flicker" is apparent. Sure, it can be fixed with software, but that's a step I wouldn't mind avoiding. I haven't tried the 14mm or 55-200mm yet (that's it for Fuji glass in my bag for now) but my hypothesis is that having a real aperture ring is beneficial. In that case, the 14mm would be good, 55-200mm bad. I'll probably test it out today. Anyone have experience with some of the other X lenses?
  6. I ordered one of these straps for the fun of it. Since I'd be attaching it to the camera for use with my right wrist It'll be interesting to see how it affects my lens changing ability. Even after a couple of years of Fuji use, I'm still programmed for Nikon - holding the camera with the left hand while swapping with right. Because of the position of the lens release button, I'm finding the reverse to be faster with Fuji. I may even try to switch which side I wear my shoulder bag on, too! Wooooot!!! It's getting CRAZY up in here!
  7. Yeah, unless you're shooting with Nikon/Canon and using the TTL/HSS Remote features there's not much compelling about the B1 - it's just a REALLY expensive battery powered strobe. Now, let's say they made the head 1000+w/s with the ability to plug them in directly. That would start to be compelling.
  8. I use PocketWizards and any strobe that has an onboard receiver or that they can plug into - they work great! It'd be really lame if the $2000 B1 didn't have a built in receiver. Or if it did have a built in receiver that only worked with the $500 Profoto sender.
  9. I have a Gura Gear Kiboko 30L (discontinued, current similar model is the Bataflae 32) that's never let me down for years now. I've packed my dslr + 3 lenses, speedlights, two Q-Flashes w/ Turbo batteries, compact stands, umbrellas, Pocket Wizards, small accessories and a tripod in it and hit the road/trail/public transit many times. It is definitely heavy at that point, but carrying a "portable studio" on your back is fun - while I'm still relatively young! Otherwise, I've found the Timbuk 2 camera bag insert to be handy. Just drop it into any old bag and your X and a few lenses are good to go.
  10. I use the Fuji strap. No complaints. A simple, fixed length, and thin leather strap would look good on me - but I'm in no rush to get one! My wife uses some crazy double sling holster strap system (I can't remember the name of it) when she shoots events. Two cameras, one with a 24-70, the other with a 70-200. She loves it.
  11. 14, 23, 90. Don't have the 90mm yet, of course, but that's all I'll need, prime-wise, for the foreseeable future!
  12. I used my X-T1 to shoot some (about 15 minutes) Major League Soccer a couple of weeks ago. It was not an enjoyable experience, especially after shooting the first 60 minutes with a D800 (that has a slow frame rate by todays standards,too!). I'm very much looking forward to any improvements in Firmware 4.0. I got some decent shots with the Fuji, but missed MANY. I include this one not because I think it's a great one, but because I like how their legs lined up! 55-200mm, f5.6 @ 1/1000 iso6400
  13. I may be stretching the definition of "sport" a little far but these guys were definitely hunting for great shots. There's an annual contest for the best images of migrating raptors. Conowingo Dam in Maryland, USA.
  14. I use primes most of the time because I actually prefer them to zooms. I like "knowing" three or four focal lengths/lenses really really well and getting the most out of them in any situation. In my case, in FF terms, that's 21mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 100mm. I shoot most of my work at these fixed focal lengths and their approximate equivalents in different formats. I have zooms for when the situation calls for them. They are very useful for fast paced shooting. If they're being made with IQ that rivals or exceeds that of some primes that's great!
  15. I used a Think Tank City Walker 10 for a couple years. Pretty nice, lightweight bag - good for a body and a couple lens + small accessories. As my X system grew it started to feel cramped so I started looking around for something else. I went for an old favorite, the Domke F-2. Tough, old school style and affordable (at least compared to a lot of other camera bags). Plenty of room left for another lens, backup body, etc. FWIW - I still use my first, now well worn Domke F-2 as a utility bag - hauling around flash accessories, Go Pro's and such. This one started out solid black in 1996.
  16. Milandro, your portrait here looks a lot like musician/recording engineer Steve Albini! Like, if it's not, it could be his 1989 doppelganger! Nice image!
  17. kielinski

    The Embrace

    I like the images, too! Looks like a fun and challenging project! Maybe it's my monitor, but these could use some visible detail in the shadows. Not much at all, just enough to hint at the definitions of form. Please don't be taken aback by my criticism/opinion! A darkroom mentor of mine used to say that I was 95% of the way there, but that the last 5% really makes an image Sing!
  18. I'd love to see a MF 50+ MP digital rangefinder-esque offering from Fuji. One that was equally suited to shooting in the field (quick, intuitive handling, relatively high frame rate) and with strobes/studio lighting (large informative screen, ability to tether/wifi, lenses w/ leaf shutters). If it could shoot 480fps 4K raw video, too, that would be great. Thanks Fuji! For testing, send the prototype to K. Kielinski, Philadelphia, PA USA
  19. Looks good! Makes me stop thinking about which 56mm to get. May just get this one instead! I've always preferred the 100-150 equivalent range for portraits anyway.
  20. Thanks for the replies! I'll hem and haw for awhile and probably end up with the APD.
  21. I stopped in to my local camera shop to actually handle these lenses. Both felt great and were of sturdy construction. After reading online reviews I'm finding it difficult to justify buying the APD over the regular lens. APD Pros: Smoother bokeh Maybe slightly more contrast APD Cons: About 1 stop less light transmission (could be a problem in low light conditions) Considerably more expensive Anyone have any thoughts/opinions?
  22. I've never shot production stills when a blimp was required, but... With Silent Mode : ON and Electronic Shutter only enabled the camera makes no sound during operation. Very minor AF noise from the lens (tested with the 18-55) - but you could shoot MF and kill it entirely.
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