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  1. Take the XT2 for the articulated LCD for low angles along with the 10-24 and 18-55. I've been to Rome and about 60% of the shots were taken with the 10-24 lens. The ultra wide angle is useful for tight city streets and expansive church interiors. Regards, Bud James www.budjames.photography
  2. The Sony specs look good, but the camera with good glass is still big compared to the X-T2. I'm sticking with Fuji. Bought and paid for. Perhaps the GFX next? Bud www.budjames.photography
  3. It sounds like you have a bad copy. I had the XF 23mm f1.4 lens and found it to be very sharp. When the XF 23mm f2 was released, I sold my f1.4 version and opted for the smaller, lighter f2 version. Both are great lenses. Regards, Bud James www.budjames.photography
  4. I don't see the profiles to download for the X-Pro2. Can you direct me to them? Thanks for sharing. Bud James www.budjames.photography
  5. Ditto previous remarks. I need to put on my reading glasses to see the ISO settings when I want to change them. I much prefer the separate ISO dial on the X-T1. I think when the X-T2 comes out, i will probably trade in my X-Pro2 for this reason alone. Although I do love the OVF/EVF on the X-Pro2 along with the retro-look. Oh, such first world problems. Regards, Bud www.budjames.photography
  6. All the talk is nice, but we all know that whatever the next X camera will be, we will all buy it. Cheers. Bud
  7. I had both the Zeiss 12mm and 32mm lenses. After buying the Fuji 35mm and Fuji 10-24mm lenses, I sold both of the Zeiss lenses. I used Zeiss primes on my Canon FF DSLRs, but was disappointed that the Fuji versions didn't have the sharpness or micro contrast of the Canon versions. I recently purchased the Fuji 35mm f2. It's an excellent lens and focuses faster than the older 35mm f1.4. Both are excellent image makers. If I could only buy one, I would buy the f2 version for the weather sealing and smaller size and weight. It costs less too! Regards, Bud James www.budjames.photography
  8. I've been a LR user since the initial pre-public beta. Since switching from Canon DSLRs two years ago to Fuji-X cameras, I have been frustrated by the issues with LR RAW conversions. I got tired of waiting for Adobe so 2 months ago I tried and then purchased Capture One Pro 8. I just upgraded to v9 last week. The image quality and color is so much better and with less fuss too. I'm still adjusting to the C1P workflow and the learning curve, but it's worth it for the results I'm now getting. Cheers. Bud
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