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  1. I have heard of it and very tempted to buy it! Has got all Miops features at half the price!
  2. I think the clutch on your 23mm is set to manual focus? Just a wild guess since I don't have a 23mm.
  3. Had this problem as well but I have since replaced the hood with a metal one.
  4. Even more so while cycling. Anyway, I would attach the strap to the collar if it didn't add much weight. I could actually feel the difference, with and without it. Currently I'm just holding the lens in my hand but would like to know other solutions as well.
  5. Wondering about this too. Always felt the lens is too heavy to be left hanging on the mount.
  6. I would never consider the 23mm f1.4. For the same price I could have gotten an X100S, albeit losing one stop, but gaining the convenience of an extra body with built in ND filter and leaf shutter.
  7. I would: 1) definitely sell the 23mm since it doesn't get much use, and the x100s covers that focal length anyway 2) sell the 14mm and replace it with a Samyang 12mm (wider and faster) if autofocus is non-essential; or 3) sell the 14mm and replace it with the 16mm (narrower but faster) if autofocus is a must For landscape or astro, autofocus isn't exactly important so I would personally go with Samyang.
  8. Wouldn't do it even if it took only 2 seconds. Most of the time I'm travelling with family, and thus don't have time to keep changing lenses as well. Also, being a klutz I am, I would have the tendency to drop the lenses during the change, so I'd rather not take the chance. Hardly a bar of gold, really. Got it for effectively €400, but all the more reason to treasure it since I can't afford to pay the original price!
  9. I was under the impression the OIS would need to be turned off if you're using a tripod because the OIS will try to correct the motion blur that is not there. Though, I haven't had any issues turning it on, be it on a tripod or not.
  10. I only have the 16-55 and most of the time I'm covered enough. Unless you definitely need the extra light, I'd say the addition of 35mm would be redundant. The 16-55 focuses faster in dimmed light (where the 35mm would struggle) and quietly. Plus, adding more lenses for me adds the complication of "which lens I should use today?". Of course, this is due to the fact that I only have one body, and also the laziness to change lenses on my part.
  11. For crowded places, I'd go with the 18mm on the basis you may not have enough room to step back.
  12. Looking at Fujifilm's page, it also mentions dust-resistant, on top of weather-resistant. http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujinon_lens_xf16_55mmf28_r_lm_wr/features/ To what extent, my guess is as good as anyone's. But good to know there is some degree of protection for dusts - at least they must have given it a thought. However, I will still take the extra precautions for good measure. Have had the lens for slightly more than a month, and I don't have any dusts in it yet.
  13. I am under the impression dusts won't be able to penetrate the 16-55 lens while zooming in and out, since it is weather resistant. Happy to be corrected though. In case you need the extra push, the images from the 16-55 are sharper than the 10-24, even to my untrained eyes. I happily sold the latter for the former.
  14. The number of people with this kind of thinking amazes me, really. Just because they could take only a few shots in the past before changing rolls, doesn't mean I would want to subject myself to the same trouble. This is 2016 and I am of the opinion we need to move forward, at least as far as the battery is concerned. This is the same argument with using larger capacity memory cards. One can use 256MB memory cards (or 128MB even) and swap them every few shots (since it would only take a few seconds), but why bother if you could use a 32GB or 64GB instead? Sure, if that's your thing, I won't be judging. But I would rather save myself the hassle.
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