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  1. This is a screenshot: "However, the “FF180005” could be also another not yet rumored Fujifilm camera. Want to find it out? Well, then just follow FujiRumors on Facebook, Instagram, RSS-feed and Twitter." THIIIIS exactly is the problem: I DO WANT TO FIND IT OUT. Is it well described? Thanks a lot Patrick P.S. I apologize one more time for my bad english.
  2. Dear Patrick Why do you want force us to admit Facebook? I don´t want absolutely register on Facebook because of a serious lot of reasons, but I like very much your blog. Have you an especial and/or mysterious interest with this social media? Why don´t you change it to "only read" format for us, the no facebook-filos? Thanks
  3. I have the XT2 and I think is a very good camera; don't know the XT3 but reading some of that it's written about this camera and a bit a knowledge over the standards of practice of the camera market I don't think this new camera go provide very big improvements over the XT2, of course, it depends very much on the personals tastes and types of photography you do. But, in my humble opinion, one thing is crystal clear and is the very, very superb quality of the lens in question, the XF 56, that is arguably one of the best lenses of Fuji and probably of the photographic gear in his class. P.S. Sorry for my horrible language. Thank for your time
  4. I think it's impossible compare the XT3 whit the others two cameras, simply because the size, so different. Sorry Steve, I don't think that "XT3 would provide you with everything". AndrewB if you "want to have the camera everywhere I go and you do a lot of street photography" with the XT3 you're going to have quite problems. Cheers
  5. This is not the last version, the new is 3.1.1. with support for X-T2
  6. Please, I can't read so many answers . By the way, now Iridient Digital has just added support for Fujifilm X-T2 cameras! Thanks Fuji Rumors
  7. First of all, sorry for my awful english language. Can you tell me if the Fuji X-T2 is already supported by Iridient Developer?
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