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    I have just picked up an Xt20 to hopefully replace my Xe2... I'm still going through everything, but I thought I just mention a couple of quick impressions;
    (BTW I use the primes. In my initial tests the 35/1.4 and the 60 macro. I first of all upgraded the firmware of camera and lenses)
    Note these a just my first impressions, I am making no real assertions... yet
    - Don't buy this camera if you are after a massive improvement in RAW IQ. The new sensor is a only a minor upgrade in real world quality I can't really see much difference in my workflow, but hopefully I'll appreciate this more later. Noise at iso200 seems a bit worse(more worms), DR at higher numbers seems a bit better, but its just not a major improvement. Printing at A3  is just as fantastic as the xe2
    - The AF is  not much improved with the 60 macro... I think this lens is just a bad AF performer.  I had not expected it to be faster, but had hoped for less hunting and better macro AF, but it is just as boneheaded as it always was. For macro I turned AF off and used manual focus as usual.
    - Using the 60 as a normal lens resulted in quite a few missed shots. I tried to focus on a bird in a tree(cropping test), but the camera seemed to consistently focus 2-3 metres behind the bird. Perhaps i've just got  a bad lens(its wonderfully sharp)
    - Using the 35/1.4 in daylight I can still get hunting, but it generally worked well.
    - Coming from the xe2, that general handling is ... interesting. The camera is quite small, and I had not realized how accustomed I had become to raising the camera to my right eye. My nose seems in the way now, and the EVF doesn't seem to be as immersive, I seem to be looking *at* the finder, where as with the xe2 I am *in* the finder. I also noticed the flicker in the EVF, hopefully Fuji will fix this.
    - Not sure what I'd use the articulating screen or auto lever for.
    Despite all the nitpicking I'm having lots of fun, and I can remember it took me a while to get the hang of the xe2, so I'll stick with it....
    The main take away so far is not to expect a huge image quality difference.
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