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  1. Hi, i finally jumped on board the Fujifilm train and bought a second hand X-Pro 2, it’s missing the manual, software, usb cable and the camera strap lugs. Apart from eBay where’s the best place to get these items? I’d love to get direct from Fuji but I’ve not t had any replies to my emails. Thanks in advance.
  2. I’ve finally taken the plunge on an X-pro 2 with xf 23mm f2 lens. I’ve been waiting and debating Leica/Fuji for long enough. So should be with me tomorrow and I can’t wait to see what all the fuss there is about owning a fujifilm X trans camera.
  3. I'm sure it will be, but I'm still torn. I'll not hijack the thread any further, but I'm still jamming and arhing. It's a first world problem for sure, and I'm rather enjoying the quandary. If there's no news before the end of September I'm going to pull the trigger.
  4. For some reason I can't view your Flickr timeline, but it's an interesting review. I'm looking to downsize my gear from a 7D, as I want to slow down my image taking and do less 'pray and sprays'. I'm in a quandary, the cost of an X-Pro 1 now is too good to be missed especially when I can get the leather case and the 18 & 27mm lens all for a very reasonable £620, but I'm delaying because as soon as I buy you can almost guarantee the X-Pro 2 will be introduced. It's such a horrible position to be in...
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