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    badler got a reaction from Curiojo in Travel Photo Back-up Solution   
    I came across a wonderful, inexpensive and fast solution to backing up my SD cards when traveling.  I use it as insurance that if the camera is stolen, or an SD card fails.  The solution is a hack of the RavPower Filehub that I bought a year ago.  It costs about 40$ and works as a link between my SD cards and any USB drive.  I tend to us a few thumb drives, but any USB drive might work.  Following the instructions on the website it took my about 45 mins to get it to work.  I am not a computer programmer.  I know other 'pro' solutions exist but for hundreds of dollars, and the WB drive that used to be sold is not well reviewed. So far after a few weeks the solution seems solid.
    Good luck
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    badler got a reaction from CRAusmus in Memory Card + Travel   
    Are you using the WD passport for the back up?  I am curious about a compact backup system?
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    badler reacted to Armagh in Boxing   
    Boxing presentation pic. X100S 3200 250th at 2.8
    Love how it makes a warm scene out of a grimey dimly lit hall.

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