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  1. I came across a wonderful, inexpensive and fast solution to backing up my SD cards when traveling. I use it as insurance that if the camera is stolen, or an SD card fails. The solution is a hack of the RavPower Filehub that I bought a year ago. It costs about 40$ and works as a link between my SD cards and any USB drive. I tend to us a few thumb drives, but any USB drive might work. Following the instructions on the website it took my about 45 mins to get it to work. I am not a computer programmer. I know other 'pro' solutions exist but for hundreds of dollars, and the WB drive that used to be sold is not well reviewed. So far after a few weeks the solution seems solid. https://www.frankie.bz/blog/budget-travel-backup-solution-for-photographers Good luck B
  2. So I have been playing with the RAVPower 3 and it seems to have a reasonable interface on my iPhone, it could be used as a NAS and you can go to a "webpage" if you don't want to use the App. When transferring Jpeg I was able to transfer 200 photos from the SD card to a USB memory stick in 20 mins. At about 50$ for the USB and the device it seems like a no brainer. Brent
  3. Are you using the WD passport for the back up? I am curious about a compact backup system?
  4. Thanks for that detailed response. I will study those suggestions. I have had my eye on that zoom, but for reasons I can't explain have not pulled the trigger. Badler
  5. I'm about to travel overseas. I've never been pleased with traditional camera bags, I'm considering a messanger style bag with an insert. I'm shooting an XT10 with the 18-55. I have a couple of batteries a pair of filters and will likely have a small tripod. I'm looking for suggestions for an insert or an alternative. Thanks Badler
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