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  1. lol, further proof hot takes are garbage.
  2. All of my XT-1 Kit (XT-1, Large Grip, 35mm 1.2, 18-55, 55-230, Jupiter 9, Canon 55mm FD 1.2 Aspherical) were purchased via eBay. If you are the buyer you have exceptional protection as opposed to the seller who often has to fix any issues that may arise in the alotted time. There is always risk and there always will be. Weigh that risk versus the cost saving and figure out if the two outweigh each other or match up.
  3. I'll stick with Metabones. Spent $600 on the Canon Aspherical 55mm 1.2 in the FD mount so why cheap out on the better version when using such pristine glass?
  4. You pay for what you get. Why cheap out on something when you've invested so much into your camera.
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