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  1. Interesting. I just got the 27mm f/2.8. It would be nice if Fuji decided to release an updated version with a faster maximum aperature IMHO.
  2. Just under expose by how ever many stops you need, and "push" the images by using in-camera raw development. It's the same thing you would get from JPEG at Extended ISO, but you get to keep your RAW file also in case you want to develop it later.
  3. - Allow the possibility to use the four-key arrow to change the focus point selection directly (one command) instead of actual two-action pressing "AF button" (down-key arrow) + select. this would have been a nice feature if it had been added for FW 4.00 on X-E2. It'd be nice if a minor update added this functionality, would almost be like the joystick on the X-PRO2.
  4. Sorry for the side-tracking inquiry, but; have you gotten the Helios 44-2 f2 yet? Did you get a good copy? (Mine was rickety as all h***). Sending it back. I didn't see any swirly bokeh either. Maybe I was shooting with it in an inefficiant way to showcase it's features? idunno.. BTW, back on topic, the 60mm f2.4 was my first lens for a X-E2 body-only purchase. Yes, slow(est?) in the AF speed for the whole lens lineup apparently, but luckily Much quicker with the new FW 4.00 update. Much more confident AF-lock-on. Choice of focus modes make this lens more versatile.
  5. X-E2 (FW 4.00) is a brand new camera to me. (FW 3.10) is leapfrogged by this in capabilities. Loving the new & improved AF speed, AF accuracy, and AF modes (Wide/Tracking is awesome..) The Face & Eye tracking is really nice as well. The menu change esp. for the Delete screens is much easier to deal with and nicer looking. Question? This doesn't have the flash improvements for Continuous shooting like the X-T1's latest FW, does it?? Been diving into the new (FW 4.00 manual). Nice that they updated this doc.
  6. X-E2 (FW 4.00), i use the EVF and LCD interchangably. If I'm doing AF-MF adjustments i tend to back off the EVF and use the LCD.. slightly easier to guage the focus peaking (Red, Low) there.
  7. X-E2 (FW 4.00), XF60mm f2.4, XC50-230mm f4.5-6.7, Raynox DCR 150, Raynox DCR 250, lots of macro and environmental portrait, plenty of objecta.
  8. t1gsp


    This Album is for sharing Macro images.
  9. Well the very recent 3.10 Firmware update (from the end of October) for (Addition of compatibility with "XF35mmF2 R WR", and Addition of compatibility with "XF1.4X TC WR") on the X-E2 isn't the firmware update I was hoping for. Hopefully one with AF improvement and anything else significant will make an appearance after the X-Pro2 announces.
  10. I can see the "waist-level" appeal of a standard flippy-tilty finder. I'm sure lots using the cams for street photography could too.
  11. Hi Everyone, On a trip down to my vacation, this very large, blue metallic wasp was expiring in the trench created by the windshield wipers. It was extremely hot that day, and the creature may have ran into the windshield while the van was in motion. A sad moment for such a lovely creature to pass like that, but I was able to capture its beauty and remember it. One of my first shots with the Fujifilm X-E2 coupled with the XF 60mm f.2.4 Macro R Prime.
  12. The details in that image of the eyeball are absolutely astonishing. Took my breath away. Nice.
  13. If the X-E3 gets a tilt screen, hopefully it will be fully-articulating, like on the Panasonic GH4, Canon 60D. Failing that, the standard tilty-flippy screen would be preferable to a fixed screen like the X-E1, X-E2 have. Either way, I would really appreciate a touchscreen, even thought the button-oriented Fuji menu is nice once you get used to it. Interested in an improved sensor, higher megapixel count. Minimum 24Mpxl, please. Would really be interested in improvements in: shutter speed, fps, and buffer/memory and Autofocus performance (esp. tracking). Video improvements would be very welcome. 4K, please? It would be nice if Video functionality was more than an afterthought. It's too bad that my smartphone seems easier to shoot video with. Additionally, IBIS would be fantastic as it would give stabilization to any Manual lens. There are a few non-Fujinon Macro lenses that I'm keen on that would benefit.
  14. Thanks for the feedback milandro. I just read a couple reviews on the Fuji 11 and 16mm extension tubes. I already have the Raynox 150 and 250 close up lenses, and those are nice.
  15. Started with C1P 8, and the update is nice. I'm finding Capture One more intuitive than Lightroom/Photoshop
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