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    deemkey reacted to gnark in Which 3 primes combo is your ideal setup?   
    14, 27, 56
    ... and if you say that 14 is too wide, I'll literally pull an ace from my sleeve: the Ricoh GR with its super sharp 18mm/F2.8
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    deemkey reacted to milandro in XF56 vs XF90 - Your thoughts apprecaited   
    I have the 60mm and like it a lot.
    I am convinced that there is a public for the 90mm (especially for macro, but not for portrait ) but again when 135mm ( equivalent to the 90mm) were around on classical 35mm cameras they were considered to be of an awkward focal length and now, all of a sudden and for no good reason, the 90 Fuji is considered to be the best thing after sliced bread.
    Incomprehensible to me.
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