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  1. I would take both, just to have a backup camera. No need to use both at the same time though. I'm a big fan of the x100t with a WCL in my bag just in case I need to go wider for architecture. In regard to being limited to 35mm focal length: you'll always miss shots by being limited. But you'll also create shots you'll work to find and have fun doing it. Traveling with one camera and one focal length is rejuvenating.
  2. ***ISSUE SOLVED!*** Tuesday PM: I called Fuji again to figure out what was going on with my X-T1. A Professional Manager picked up, looked up my repair, and couldn't understand why its been 3 weeks with no contact. He also explained that since the recall fix was over a year old, they would charge for LABOR but not parts. I explained to him that the recall notice did not state a deadline to get the camera fixed, therefore they shouldn't charge for anything. He agreed and said he would talk with his boss about the issue and call me back the next morning. Wednesday AM: I woke up to an email with a tracking number from Fuji. Thursday AM: My X-T1 is back in my hands with a note that reads, "Light Flare Effect fixed and Squishy D-Pad repaired :]" So there we have it. Fuji followed through with the repair, free of charge. It just took 3 weeks and a very stern conversation with a manager. In the end, I'm happy, but there's no reason this experience had to be such a headache. I'm happy to use Fuji personally right now, but not rely on them for my professional use.
  3. No problem and no offense taken. Everyone has various experiences with all manufacturers. I've had friends hate Canon repair and move to Nikon, I've had others move from Nikon to Canon specifically because they were upset with the repair process. You had a great experience but I didn't. That's life. We pick our favorites, weigh the pros and cons, and figure out what we are willing to tolerate. I only posted this to share my experience, in case others in my shoes are wondering. Was my experience a fluke? Maybe. I hope it doesn't happen again though.
  4. That's not true. As a Canon CPS Platinum member, I've had cameras shipped out Monday morning and returned back by Friday night with replaced shutters, fixed bent CF pins, or a full motherboard. I have no option but to wait for Fuji's support to get bigger, faster, and more responsible. As a full-time professional, I need my gear working at all times. I am happy to give them another chance when they get it ironed out.
  5. Yikes, 8 weeks is ridiculous. In their defense, it sounds like there was a lot of shipping time between facilities. Happy to hear they fixed the issue in the end and allowed you to purchase a discounted X-T1.
  6. Hopefully! That's really the only thing holding them back from fully competing with the Big 2. I don't care how small you are as a repair/support company. Just give me a call or email and keep me up to date with the status of my repair.
  7. That's the decision I've come to as well. At this point, my full-time business (shooting 5 days a week) does not have the downtime to wait 3 weeks (or even 10 days) to go without a loaner or repair. At the least, I need to have an idea of when the repair will be completed and back in my hands so I can plan out a rental period and budget.
  8. It wasn't a known issue at the time of purchase. I guess I should have done more research on the camera's history and affected serial numbers.
  9. I have an X100t and X-T1. For personal use/travel, I am only keeping the X100t. I love the small footprint, ND filter, and leaf shutter. The X-T1 is definitely a better camera, but the X100t is so much easier to take – no lens choices, no nothing.
  10. Little back story, full-time working photographer (editorial and wedding) hoping to make the switch from my Canon system to Fuji after falling in love with the X100t. I hopped on reliable forums and purchased a mint X-T1 and 56mm f/1.2 to test the waters. Upon unboxing, I found out it had the dreaded squishy D-Pad (as opposed to my awesome rental from Borrow Lenses), and "Light Flare" issue. Original owner wouldn't take it back, so I called up the Pro Repair Center in VA for warranty work. 1. 45 minute wait to get direction for an Repair Order Form, 2. $50 FedEx ground from CA to VA, 3. 3 WEEK wait before I receive any word from Fuji (no acknowledgement that they received my camera – nothing), 4. Repair Estimate is $175, 5. Call them up and they explain they are charging me because free warranty work was done last year, not this year. They also admit that my serial number is affected but they won't fix their own issue. Moral of the story/rant – Fuji doesn't have their shit together in the repair and support area. I love the cameras, but I can't be in the dark for 3 weeks while trying to earn a living. I have sent many items into Canon's CPS program and love their overly active communication – "We received your item," "Your Estimate is $$$," "We finished your repair," "We are prepping shipment," "Your tracking number is xxx." No matter how great your cameras are, you will never be the heart of my working system if your support is lacking.
  11. I would love to have a long/fast lens like a 140 f/2 OIS (200mm f/2 equivalent) or a 200 f/2.8 OIS (300mm f/2.8 equivalent) for super compressed portraits/ big wedding and corporate venues, etc.
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