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  1. OK, you win. I give in. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. In all the threads where I called the camera unusable, that conclusion is pure logic if you accept the OPs statements. You may call it sarcastic because I do not necessarily accept the statements. But IF I did, I would have to sell my cameras. I will quote my original post: "People rant about alleged design errors. People rant about design choices." If people just stated "I am very sorry/angry/whatever about this design choice". But they usually state "Fujifilm are idiots because of this. An I am actually both sorry and angry about that.
  3. You want examples? Okay: "Why Fuji, why?" "But somehow Fuji managed to throw me for a loop." "Arrgrrggghhhhhhhh!!!! WTF!!!!" "cripple the camera since it's too much effort to change the lens cap design. Brilliant!" "Which kind of makes the thing useless for anyone with an attention span longer than 3 minutes." "Just imagining the kind of narrow focus required to design something so daft is painful." "I wish they would just hand their prototypes to photographers for testing/feedback before signing off on them..."
  4. So you think calling out the trollers is trolling? I am about to throw in the towel for good in this forum.
  5. Where is the OP Enrico in this discussion? Enrico we need to see examples, otherwise we can't help. And we need to know exactly what you did in raw processing.
  6. Mine does not have that sound. Off to repairs!
  7. BTW, I do agree with the OP that that new "feature" is annoying. I just don't like the trolling language.
  8. Honestly, I think that you project your needs to the entire user population. If you had written "I would like fully articulated screens" no one would accuse you of trolling. But you write "We need fully articulated touch screens. Fully articulated and touch enabled. It's inexcusable.". Who are you to say what others want? Who are you to say that the design choices a company makes are "inexcusable?" I for one don't need articulation or touch. I don't need IBIS. And I certainly don't need voice control. And you are the one bringing on doomsday scenarios: "What you should fear is becoming the next Kodak." or "You have to act quickly and decisively in order to survive". Your post contain 3 wishes for new features. The rest is rant, hyperbole, and trolling. Please stop ranting. Fuji's cameras have never been about technology alone. Fuji's cameras are about bringing the best mix of technology and usability for the working photographer. And the cameras are tools. Tools to be learned and tools to be used.
  9. Bugger! All my Fuij cameras are now useless because of design choices made by Fuji. No IBIS and no fully articulated screen. I will sell them.
  10. Honestly, I don't find the Q-button placement wrong - perhaps it's the size of my hands.
  11. Yes and perhaps we need to call out the whiners and the trolls.
  12. Bugger. The camera is unusable. I will sell mine!
  13. Bugger. The camera is unusable. I will sell mine!
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