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  1. Sorry, I read "travel" as a vacation. Perhaps you meant daily travel. Either way, an X100 series camera would fit right in with your current setup, and give you that really lightweight/compact option.
  2. Not sure what your current ILC body is, but if you want to go really light and find that the 16mm is too wide, then how about picking up used X100 series camera for the trip? It would suit your needs specified, including environmental portraiture (which you likely want in a vacation) and you could likely sell it for the same amount when you return if budget is an issue. Usability would be very similar to your current X series body, but I would still get it a few weeks before leaving to ensure you are fully up to speed with all the functions and setup.
  3. Does the X-T10 have all of the AF options that were made available in FW4.0 for the X-T1? I am leaning towards the X-T1 for the viewfinder and better handling, but the $ saved by going X-T10 could be put towards more glass.
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