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  1. HippoLens, as you read in my post, the camera was brand new when I discovered this problem. Lucky still under warranty. That was my first disappointment and then the technician not paying attention to detail when he reassembled the camera. The Customer Service rep I talked with from the start was great, then the second rep to get the diopter installed properly, he had an attitude. For me, the New Jersey location is okay and the camera is still working properly. Hope your experience goes well...
  2. I wanted to update the forum about my X-Pro 2. Received my camera from Fujifilm, May 29, after they replaced the power board. Tested the camera for a couple hours, with no issues. Here's what I noticed while operating the camera. The diopter dial was installed backwards. This was disappointing after being excited about getting my camera back and looking forward to getting out with it. Called Fujifilm and they said to send it back and they'd pay for it to be shipped FedEx ground. Dropped it off May, 30 and it just arrived in NJ, but not at the Fujifilm Repair Dept. location as of yet. So from May 14, until now, June 14, I've only had my new X-Pro 2 in my hands for one day. Dissapointed...
  3. Thanks dfaye for your comments. Boy, that was some bad luck with your lens. Out of the many lenses and cameras Fujifilm sells, you'll have a few with issues. Anyways, looking forward to May 29 when my X-Pro 2 arrives. Will get back after a couple days of using the camera. Should be fine...
  4. Follow up about my Fuji X-Pro 2 / Camera or Battery Issue. Received an email from FUJIFILM NJ, May 23, that my X-Pro 2 had been shipped. Called Fujifilm, NJ today to find out what they did. Spoke with someone in technical support and he told me they replaced the power board because there was a bad component on it. I'm happy with the turn around. Sent the camera, May 14, USPS Priority Mail and it's now being shipped back FedEx, arriving May 29. Looking forward to receiving it and checking it out. Unfortunate circumstances for a new camera.
  5. Thanks for your reply dfaye. I'll update the forum when I hear anything. Hope it's all good news / a fully working X-Pro 2.
  6. The problem with my X-Pro 2 not starting up periodically, hasn't gone away as thought. Going to call Fujifilm support again Monday. I did some research at other sites, and found a number of X-Pro 2 owners having the same issue. They sent their cameras in and Fujifilm replaced the logic board. In one or two cases, they also replaced the top plate. It's a new camera / Serial # starts with 74A.
  7. Just called Fujifilm and had a great conversation with this gentlemen. What he said: * make sure the battery goes to at least one bar or 1% and reset the camera. * after reset: * use the camera set to the P mode / around 10 or so photos * make no changes at first in the menu * then gradually make a few changes / taking a few more photos * each time, turning the camera off, then on The camera is now working fine. Was it a battery issue or I did something while setting things in the menu. I made a number changes, trying one suggestion after another. Great camera, but it's my first rangefinder and it's not to my liking. Will put it up for sale and wait for the X-T3. Wanted to share this with the forum. I've learned a lot over the time that I've been a member...thxs
  8. Fuji shooters, This is my first post and I’m looking for some help for the following problem. My X-Pro 2 won't power up sometimes. This didn’t start until about a week or two after I’ve had the camera. When I turn the camera off and come back to it, anything between a few minutes or an hour or so, it doesn't start up after switching it on. I have to remove the battery, put it back in and then the camera starts up. It always starts after doing this. I’ve only had this camera for a month or so. The batteries are the NP-W126S. One came with the camera and the other is an extra I bought. I’ve charged both in that time period and the green light was always constant during the charge. Coming back later after the light went out. Going to also call Fujifilm.
  9. Hi everyone... My name is Allen and live in the Phoenix, AZ area. I first started in photography as a hobby back in the late 60s when taking a photography class in college. Went thru the film stage with a Minolta and Nikon until the mid 70s. After a few years break, I then purchased a Canon 50D and ended with a Nikon D300s. Sold the camera and lenses a few months ago because of my interest in the Fuji X-Series System. Back in 2012 while visiting one of our local camera stores I looked at the X-Pro 1 and liked it. So now I’m thinking of getting one and a 35mm 1.4 to start with. The price of the X-Pro 1 makes it a great starting point. This will give me some experience with the Fuji system and maybe consider the X-Pro 2 or even the X-T2 later. Have a couple questions before I make this purchase. Does the X-Pro 1 come with the latest firmware loaded? If I decide to purchase a 10-24 or 16-55 later, will there be a problem using them with the OVF? Heard something about being able to see the front part of the longer lens in the lower R/H corner when using OVF. Spend a little more and get the X-T1 or wait for the X-T2 (rumor release June 2016). Glad to be here...Thxs
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