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  1. Thank you very much Larry for the thorough explanation and also great examples!! This is exactly why I signed up, so that I can learn as much from veterans like yourself! I agree, many times I don't fault the X-Pro1 but rather know that I have quite a bit of learning beyond the basics of exposure. I'll definitely give back button focusing a go on some moving objects soon. Thanks again Larry!!
  2. Nice! I was also worried about the size of the xf23 as opposed to the not so big size of the xf56. I love shooting wide open with the xf56, but certainly need to get used to the focal length and appropriate fstop.
  3. I don't have a 23 but I do love the 23 paired with a 56. So in substitute of the 23mm Fujinon, I have a X100. For those that have the two lenses, has anyone shot more with the 56 than the 23?
  4. Hello gang, So I am starting become more and more familiar with the X-Pro1, which admittedly hasn't been too difficult since the X-Pro1 feels like a larger X100s. As I dive more into, I found a few blogs that discussed the benefits of back button focusing. So I thought I'd give a try: Steps: 1. Switch to Manual Focus 2. Press AF-L button to focus lens 3. Take pic Done So pretty easy, and pardon me for my newbiness, but am I doing this correctly? I still can't quite differentiate if there's a real boost in accuracy, but do see a boost in efficiency from the first shot to subsequent shots. My limited experience so far has shown that back button focus locks focus rather quickly for a second third fourth etc image of the same subject using the same focus point. With regular auto focus, the lens will shift back and forth to refocus even though the all the shots are of the same subject with the same focus point. So it feels like a mini burst mode with back button focus. Thanks for sharing your experiences to eager fledglings like myself!
  5. Hello fellow Fuji enthusiast, Was wondering if anyone have any experiences in handling the Rokinon or Samyang 85mm 1.4? A little long for some, but from the limited images found online, I like the results. I'm not great with manual focus, but am patient enough to learn how to perfect the manual focus as much as possible. I'd like to hear your experience with this lens. Thanks!!
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