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  1. Put yourself infront of good photos. Travel. Get amongst it. Not worry to much about gear.
  2. Cheers Andrew. I lived in CHCH from 2007 - 2012. Time for another visit soon. The link in profile is to a new collective of us who shoot with Fuji X cameras. We are looking for more to join if you are keen. My commercial work is at http://www.paulpetch.co.nz and tumblr http://fujifilmcollective.tumblr.com/
  3. It's a nice camera. Stunning for doco work. Nic Tumblr blog man. Some lovely captures and processing
  4. Hey About time I said hello! Great forum by the way. I'm a pro commercial photographer from Auckland New Zealand and use Canon gear for that. I'm also a tutor. I recently picked up the X100T for personal photography and love it. For street and life photos the X100T is stunning. The sensitivity to highlights in poor light is amazing for street and creative stuff. Recently picked up some Cactus V6 triggers so sure i'll start using the X100T for more portraiture in the near future. These triggers are insane by the way. Here are a few images i've captured with the X100T, and looking forward to exploring this place more for sure. _ My commercial work is at http://paulpetch.co.nz/ Photography tuition at http://www.shop.paulpetch.co.nz/ A personal photo project called Good People Run over at http://www.goodpeoplerun.co.nz/ And my Fuji photos and blog at http://www.fujifilmcollective.com/
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