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  1. I shoot with X-T1 bodies for work. (Real Estate Photography mostly) and routinely get ~400 RAW files per charge with the LCD and EVF on, not a LOT of chimping but some) per charge (a mix of Fuji brand and generic). If it took you that many batteries just to get a little over 900 images, something else is going on. That's not normal for any FUJI X camera that I'm aware of. (I've owned at least one of most of the 16MP bodies.)
  2. I have a Cheetah Spot Fujifilm X-T1. The rubber covering fell off after about 6 mo of ownership and Fuji (to their credit) sent me new self adhesive coverings last year and that covering lasted for about another 6 mo. I've got a leather half case for it now, but given the low resale value of this camera and the fact that I'm going to use it until it fails anyhow, I got some Cheetah Spot duct tape at Staples last month and have replaced the rubber grip with this. (The self adhesive gray stair tread rubber that I used on the lens three years ago is far too stiff to fit the contours of the body or I'd have used that.) Also not to slam on Fuji too badly, I don't think they designed the rubber on these cameras to be in your hand 8 hrs a day 5 days a week 52 weeks a year as I use mine. Even though the rubber got loose and fell off, MECHANICALLY the thing still works FLAWLESSLY just as it has since day one. I've owned a LOT of digital cameras since 2001 and these are the most trouble free that I've ever had.
  3. Probably holds this 'Vintage' camera like an actual 'Vintage' camera...a Hasselblad, Rolleiflex or Mamiya with a waist level finder. You've basically 'theft-proofed' this X-70. No one will look at that and think "VALUABLE".
  4. Any more word on Kaizen Firmware Updates on the X-E2 yet?
  5. I'd be happy with whatever firmware update they are going to add to the X-E2 in January with the same tilt screen my X-T1/X-A1 have. I'd sell my X-A1, my X-E1 and buy TWO X-E3s on the spot. (I'd keep the X-T1 because it is fantastic.)
  6. My X-T1 is SUPPOSED to be 'weather sealed' but the rubber fell off (Fuji sent me replacement) and the accessory port door is 'bowed' and won't 'weather seal'... WR is kinda nice idea, but in the end my momma taught me not to stand in the rain without an umbrella anyhow.
  7. I've mostly been a dedicated Architectural/Real Estate Photographer for a couple of years now, but as I have been since 2011, I am still the official photographer for TEDxDirigo here in Maine. The last TEDx event I shot I was still using a full on Nikon kit and this weekend was the first workout that I've really had with just my Fujis. https://www.flickr.com/photos/treehouseinstitute/sets/72157660955782332/ I'm very happy over all. I used the older X-E1 with the 35/1.4 or 10-24/4 and played with the 56/1.2 for shots in the crowd. Most of the speakers images were made with the X-T1 and the 55-200/3.5-4.8. The wider stage shots were made with the 10-24/4 on the X-E1 and they aren't quite up to the same low light standards of the newer X-T1 of course. As it doesn't look like an X-E3 with a flip LCD is forthcoming anytime soon and as I found the 55-200 too long (at the wide end) for this venue but essential to get in tighter, I may end up getting an X-E2 (I really prefer this form of a camera even to my X-T1) and pick up the more convenient 18-135/3.5-5.6. Most of the time I am shooting between f/5.6 and f/8 for stage work of this sort of event so I don't NEED fast glass in a zoom and 135mm is long enough for most any stage work I've ever done but would also allow me to go wider when I need to quickly, without changing bodies. Getting the 18-135 would likely make the 55-200 redundant (and the 18-135 is weather sealed.) I may be able to pay for the new lens with the older one.
  8. Well done. You ask of the 16-50 XC I got mine with my first Fuji ILC the X-A1. I probably WOULDN'T have purchased it at all, but I couldn't buy the camera without it. I'm glad that's the case because it is one of the lenses I use most often (other than the 10-24/4). The 18-55 is a great lens, but the advantage of those extra 2mm of wide angle and the excellent image quality and OIS of the XC lens make it a STEAL for the price. The f/2.8 is wonderful as well as I'm sure the 16/1.4, but the 2.8 is a behemoth the likes of which I left behind with my DSLR mirrors and the 1.4 is a much more expensive prime. For the price, size, wide angle and quality, the XC is hard to beat even though I have the much 'nicer' lenses on hand as well.
  9. I had the excellent 16-85VR Nikkor when I was still a Nikon shooter. LOVED the lens. It was what I reached for on my D7100 almost always. That sensor was an APS-C. There is no reason that Fuji couldn't make a similarly compact kit lens 16-85...f/4 would be OK if it weren't too much larger than the 10-24/4.
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