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  1. if you're talking about the focus point selection then what I do is either half press the shutter or press the menu button and it goes away. check your function buttons for the af selection and make sure that you're not pressing that fn button by accident. keep in mind that there's one on the front that you can accidentally press and if you have the batter grip there's another on the bottom side of the batter grip that the heel of my hand keeps hitting.
  2. b&h screwed up my x-pro1 order big time. i preordered the body but they didn't bother to ship it out. and it was the day before passover began so i had to wait an entire week before i could even talk to a live human. that was the last time i'll ever order from them.
  3. ordered with adorama mid august. still waiting on the brown truck.
  4. i spoke to an adorama customer service rep. and was told they have plenty of x-t2 cameras to go around for their pre-orders. they even have excess. however, the shipment came in yesterday, it's still being processed and none of the cameras will be shipped out until later today. we should receive them tomorrow.
  5. you'd need an nd filter to slow the shutter speed down rather than lowering the iso. i recently shot 20-30s waterfall exposures in daylight at f/8ish and iso 200 and a 10 stop nd filter.
  6. richard hammond from top gear. http://www.topgear.com/uk/richard-hammond/richard-on-retro-artefacts-2012-07-23 apparently a lot of the tg crew own fujis as well and they've got some of the best cameramen i've seen.
  7. excellent work. i wouldn't have guessed this is your first try from the results.
  8. x-pro 1 and 60mm. b&w conversion in lightroom.
  9. x-t1 and 18-55mm. b&w conversion in lightroom.
  10. thanks. i used nik's analog 2 and added a vignette and blur around the edges. i try not to use it often, but it seems to work on a few images.
  11. very interested in this. i would love to have the option between a small, light weight mirrorless camera for every day stuff and a larger medium format digital camera for work.
  12. really beautiful. i love the colors.
  13. thank you lluisig, i do the conversion in lightroom. i haven't had good luck by hitting the b&w button in lightroom, i just leave it in color. i slide the saturation slider to -100 and adjust the tones and contrast to fit the image.
  14. thanks lluisg, much appreciated.
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