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  1. Yes I don’t blame you. I’ll always have some Fujifilm gear. But if they don’t upgrade their gear in the next 3 months I’m going to go back to Canon for a lot of my work. I really love Fujifilm for all the right reasons but it’s faults are getting in the way of my work at this point.
  2. That’s a lot of great info. I’m gonna explore those options. I don’t really wanna get an XT4 at this point. (Come on X-H2!) Thanks!
  3. Anyone else having issues tethering with an x-h1? Fujifilm X-Aquire, Capture one and Exposure all work great with my X-Pro2. But I can't get my X-H1 to be recognized. For the record, I have both cameras set with identical PC Connection mode setting of 'USB AUTO'. The X-H1 does show up in 'X Raw Studio' and can transfer files. So I'm very confused. I also tried different cables to see if that was the issue, with no luck. I'm on a M1 Mac running Monterey. Tried it on an Intel Mac running Monterey and another on Big Sur. Has anyone a solution for X-H1? Thanks.
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