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    RosieC reacted to Fuji X Rumors in LEAKED: First Images of Fujifilm X-T30 Dark Gray and Hands On Images of XF 16mm F2.8, XF 16-80mm F4 and GF 50mm F3.5   
    Fujifilm X-T30 Leak The Fujifilm X-T30, to be announced on February 14 along with the Fujinon XF16mm f/2.8, will come not only in the traditional black and silver, but also in a Fujifilm X-Pro2 graphite alike color. You can see…
    The post LEAKED: First Images of Fujifilm X-T30 Dark Gray and Hands On Images of XF 16mm F2.8, XF 16-80mm F4 and GF 50mm F3.5 appeared first on Fuji Rumors.
    Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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    RosieC reacted to Denali3times in B&W negatives «scanning» using a X-Pro2   
    In case you don't know, the black line around the picture is the actual outside limit of the original negative. Keeping it when enlarging images was a proof for an uncropped picture. That was named a full frame image...The origin of «full frame» digital sensors.
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    RosieC reacted to Denali3times in B&W negatives «scanning» using a X-Pro2   
    I think it's worth it to share my experience with the process of digitize black & white negatives using the X-Pro2. If some peoples were thinking about it, it will be faster to make it work! First you need the following :
    X-Pro2 A good Macro lens (I use a Micro-Nikkor 55mm/2.8, exceptionnal lens for reproduction work) An extension tube (if your lens don't go to a 1:1 ratio) A lightbox (I use an old X-Ray lightbox!) A reproduction bench (I made one by myself, cheap but effective) A remote to avoid camera vibrations during exposure A can of compressed air for negatives cleaning A way to keep negatives in place and flat (I use a negative carrier from an old enlarger) An old 50mm. Used as a magnifier for choosing the good negatives from the bad ones. After testing, it appears that only Macro lenses can do that task with excellent results. I tried RAW as I always shoot RAW but I got artifact pattern. The JPEG processor correct the pattern perfectly.


    Here are the settings I use on the X-Pro2:
    JPEG ISO200 Auto speed +1 exposure correction F8 Manual focus (after a good adjustment, it stay at the right focusing distance) Drive = single Electronic shutter NR -4 Sharpening -4 Shadow details -1 Highlights details -1 Simple B&W custom setting Few months ago I asked my local lab to scan few negatives for an exhibition. They used a Nikon Coolscan 5000ED. I wasn't sure that the results were as good as the negatives were but at the time I had no way to have comparatives. Now that I have that set-up, I compare the scans from the lab to my «scans» made with the X-Pro2 and mines aren't just better, they are A LOT better! Much more tonalities. During the firsts experimentations, I search the web and found that when well done, this method give amazing results and I can confirm that. The only better way to digitize is using a drum scan, an impossible solution for my thousands of B&W negatives from 20 years of analog photography.
    When the «scans» are done, I transfer the pictures on computer, Using Photoshop batch process, I invert the negatives. After that I import the positives in Lightroom. The rest is similar processing as with digital pictures.
    Until now I have 1200 scans completed so I really can confirm that this method work! Hoping that it can simplified the process for others tempted by this solution for «scanning» B&W negatives.
    As exemple, here is a picture I first shoot 20 years ago using a Leica M4-P with a summilux 35mm on Tri-X film

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    RosieC reacted to r_kt in Adapated Leica lenses on X-T series   
    Hawks leica helicoid. It does make a difference for close focusing. You will use it.
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    RosieC reacted to dfaye in X100f evf problem   
    Have you specifically tried the EVF and LCD *colour* settings? That is, Setup menu, then into Screen setup, then make sure that EVF Color and LCD Color are both set to the same value (I'd recommend setting both to 0 unless you find you've got good reason to do otherwise). Sorry if you've already done all this, but it's the only thing I can think of.
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    RosieC reacted to dfaye in X100f evf problem   
    Just one other thought: Auto white balance can do strange things to colours under certain lighting conditions. It would be worth checking to see if you get the same effect using, say, Daylight WB. (For example, I'm now looking at a green cushion using Auto WB under bright artificial light (LED bulbs): the cushion looks green in the LCD but blue in  the EVF. If I use another WB setting, the effect goes away.) Anyhow, I hope your problem is something simple like this!
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    RosieC got a reaction from Vasilis in Lisbon - Sintra   
    Great set of photos.
    Lisbon is such a great city to visit.
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    RosieC reacted to r_kt in 90mm f2 with extension tube for macro???   
    [PDF] Magnification of the macro extension tube
    The longer the lens the less magnification you get. Actually the 27mm works very well with the fuji 11 tube. Mag and working distance come into play as well. I don't own the 90mm, though
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    RosieC got a reaction from johant in black and white (open thread)   
    x-t1 with 16-55mm lens
    harbour wall Rye Harbour
    Just starting out using Iridient Developer.

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    RosieC reacted to quincy in Minimalism and a system camera?   
    Just after I got the X-T2, I noticed that I was always carrying a whole bag of stuff with me. X-T1 with the samyang wide-angle and a quick release tripod plate, tripod, remote relase, the 27 in case I want a closer shot, the 55-200 + closeup-lens in case there's an opportunity for a macro shot, for which I might also need the ring flash, and of course the X-T2 with the 100-400 attached, and then the teleconverter... etc. etc.
    One day I thought I'll just take one camera and one lens, and that's it. So i took only the X-T2 with battery grip, teleconverter and the 100-400, no bag, simply slung around my shoulder. I was out the whole day from sunrise to sunset, didn't get tired and it was overall a much more pleasing experience than before.
    Anyway, I don't think it's about limiting the gear you have, just about limiting the gear you take with you on each occasion.
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    RosieC reacted to Warwick in Lightroom 5 on Macbook Pro   
    I have a 12" MacBook. When I connect a card reader and open Lightroom I click on the Import button, then select the source, then check the photos I want to import, then press the button and Lightroom imports them. It saves them into a library in my Pictures folder.
    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    RosieC reacted to milandro in Sales guy laughed at me...   
    Unfortunately many sales people seem to think that if the assume a condescending and patronizing tone ( more so with ladies rather than gentlemen, even if they are a lady themselves!)  this will give them a position of authority which then would facilitate the sales they are attempting to make.
    I usually walk out on them after informing their managers (if there is one) of the reason why I did that.
    Sometimes they are simply uninformed and do not know all the things that we are hoping they will be able to advise us upon because, let’s face it, you have concentrated on one thing alone which you might have been researching on line for weeks before wanting to buy anything, while they have to have the knowledge of the entire shop and deal with difficult customers.
    Some other times they are just a sanctimonious donkey or a parrot repeating what they have been told to say.
    Nevertheless, in this day and age, you can easily buy on line for less or the same price so if you are going to a shop you want them, at the very least, to add a reason why shopping there.
    This was and is one of my favorite themes in the Netherlands where all shops seem to, as by magic, sell the same products at the exact same price ( not a penny of difference) and they are not likely to give anything for free.
    So buying here or there makes no difference in product or price then, at the very least, you expect that they would compete on “ service” right?
    Be vocal about any of this, if you feel that you have been treated wrongly, do say so, don’t just walk out and shop somewhere else or online, remind them that if they want to keep their business open they better offer you more than you would get buying on line, they better give you a reason to shop there.
    Service is ofte the only thing they have to offer since they don’t seem to be able or want to compete on price, if you don’t even get service why would you shop there?
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    RosieC reacted to milandro in Still Life   
    thyme (!) capsule 

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    RosieC got a reaction from George_P in landscapes with fuji x   
    Last summer at Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex. Colour or B&W ?
    X-T1 with 35mm lens f2

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    RosieC reacted to TClair in landscapes with fuji x   
    Taken with X-Pro1...

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    RosieC reacted to PascallacsaP in landscapes with fuji x   
    Cold early morning at the Maas river, Netherlands (X-T1, 55-200mm)

    Cold dawn at the river 1 by Pascal van Gerven, on Flickr

    Cold dawn at the river 2 by Pascal van Gerven, on Flickr
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    RosieC reacted to tmuehlbacher in landscapes with fuji x   
    The Mirror - Lake Achen, Austria
    X-T1 / 18-55 2.8-4

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    RosieC reacted to SCHLUBUB in Iridient vs. Lightroom vs. Capture One   

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    RosieC reacted to aceflibble in Iridient vs. Lightroom vs. Capture One   
    They do different tasks. There is not "best".

    Capture one is lovely for tethered shooting and it is pretty good for working with presets and batch-exporting multiple copies of the same image for different purposes. It's not very good for cataloguing and organising all of your photos, however, and it's not as robust for full image editing as Lightroom and Iridient. Generally you use Capture One alongside other software. I don't know anybody who uses Capture One by itself.

    Iridient is the most robust raw file processor. If you like to shoot raw and play with wildly different exposure values and highlight recovery and everything else like that, Iridient is what you want. It's not too hot for anything else, though.
    Lightroom is a solid all-rounder with the most expansive organisation options. The raw processing isn't quite as good as Iridient in terms of the extremes you can go, but it's more than good enough for people who like to get everything how they like it in-camera and don't make too many corrections to their raw files later. The preset and export functionality isn't as powerful as Capture One, and the tethering ability is far behind Capture One, but its editing tools are more expensive.

    Many professionals will use all three. Capture One to shoot tethered, Iridient to actually process the raw files and then Lightroom to organise everything. Most amateurs will only use Lightroom since it can kind of do a decent-enough job of every task by itself.
    I wouldn't advise anybody uses only Capture One or Iridient by themselves because they're not really meant to be all-in-one solutions like Lightroom is. If you can only get one piece of software or only want to use one, go with Lightroom. Then if you do a lot of studio shooting, pick up Capture One, and finally if the things you photograph require lots of fine-tuning—something like fashion, for example—get Iridient.
    For Fuji cameras specifically, I'd say don't bother with Capture One at all because Fuji's tethered support is awful anyway. For Iridient, it's a draw with Lightroom. If you like or need to spend a lot of time tweaking your raw files, Iridient is more robust. If you shoot .JPG or you don't edit your raws all that much, go with Lightroom. You'll probably find you end up using both.
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    RosieC reacted to SauveGV in Fuji Flowers   
    Taken with a XT-1+ an old manual Tamron 70-210 macro, f/3.8-4
    1/350s  ISO200
    Marguerite courbe.jpg by G. Sauvé, sur Flickr
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    RosieC reacted to Enzio in Fuji Flowers   

    Distelfalter ... by Enzio Harpaintner, auf Flickr
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    RosieC reacted in Fuji Flowers   
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    RosieC reacted to brusco in Fuji Flowers   
    xe2 kit lens

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    RosieC reacted in Fuji Flowers   
    High Key

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    RosieC reacted to SauveGV in Fuji Flowers   
    Also posted in B&W thread with Flickr link and shooting info.

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