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  1. Hi and welcome. for your info I have the 16-55 and 50-140 which are both great lenses! Well worth having even though they are heavy. I do use them with the xt3 as I didn’t see the need to have the xt4 as the camera is mainly used on a tripod and when I need to go hand held as long as the shutter speed is set it’s ok. I did have the 10-24 once but changed it for the 16-55 as the original lens was not weather sealed. for astrophography I understand that the Laowa 9mm is very good (see Andy Mumford, pro photographer and Fuji camera guy). why don’t you just start with a wide and a long lens and then gradually build your kit rather than spending out all at once. Also I’d recommend some Fuji workshops which will help you understand the camera system better. hope this helps. rosie
  2. RosieC


    Wandering around today, came across this in the local deer park. lens is the Lensbaby Obscura 16 on the Fuji xe3. Fun and lightweight.
  3. I have started using the Lensbaby Velvet which is also macro. Produces some great photos . I use it with my xs10 or my xe3 so it’s very lightweight. Just remembered, it’s manual focus! Whoops!
  4. Many thanks for posting your images and link to your blog. I am just getting interested in infrared photography and wondered how to start. I have looked at the Bob O’Shea website and YouTube videos and learn so much, especially about which lenses are good for infrared. I have also signed up for an infrared black and white photography workshop later this year. rosie
  5. XE3 with Lensbaby Obscura 16. I like the painterly look with Classic Chrome.
  6. Fuji xe3 with Lensbaby Obscura. 16
  7. Flowers using Lensbaby velvet 56
  8. Just one more with the Obscura lens.
  9. I have just purchased the X Mount Lensbaby 16mm Obscura Lens and it’s fun to use at this time of year!
  10. One simple solution is to use the Film Lab app and then import into your computer, although I’ve only used it to put photos into Instagram so far.
  11. I am going to replace my original X100 with the new X100V. Looking forward to the new features. new camera on order at local camera shop.
  12. I have this bag and find that it works with my xt1 with the pancake lens or the x100 or my old fujifilm ga645zi film camera. No room for a spare lens. Rosie
  13. Thanks. I tried the colour settings for the evf but it made no difference so we will try the other settings instead and let you know how we get on. Rosie
  14. My husband was taking some photos of a green damaged parasol today in the sunshine outside. It appears blue in the evf but green on the LCD. How can we correct this? I have tried the evf settings but the colour does not change from blue to green . Thanks. Rosie
  15. Great set of photos. Lisbon is such a great city to visit. Rosie
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