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  1. One simple solution is to use the Film Lab app and then import into your computer, although I’ve only used it to put photos into Instagram so far.
  2. I am going to replace my original X100 with the new X100V. Looking forward to the new features. new camera on order at local camera shop.
  3. I have this bag and find that it works with my xt1 with the pancake lens or the x100 or my old fujifilm ga645zi film camera. No room for a spare lens. Rosie
  4. Thanks. I tried the colour settings for the evf but it made no difference so we will try the other settings instead and let you know how we get on. Rosie
  5. My husband was taking some photos of a green damaged parasol today in the sunshine outside. It appears blue in the evf but green on the LCD. How can we correct this? I have tried the evf settings but the colour does not change from blue to green . Thanks. Rosie
  6. Great set of photos. Lisbon is such a great city to visit. Rosie
  7. x-t1 with 16-55mm lens harbour wall Rye Harbour Just starting out using Iridient Developer.
  8. Hi I have LR5 on my mac but have not used it yet so a few questions: How do I import the photos to LR? Where do the photos go on my mac? Do I have to have folders/smart albums on Photos first before importing to LR? or on Finder? thanks. Rosie
  9. Both are ooc jpegs from the camera. Rosie
  10. Last summer at Pashley Manor Gardens, East Sussex. Colour or B&W ? X-T1 with 35mm lens f2
  11. Just tried my new Lensbaby Fisheye on my Fuji x-t1 yesterday. Its a fun lens to use and certainly engages the brain to try and find images that work! Loving it though! Rosie
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