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  1. You may consider the Samyang 12 mm f2, that is cheaper, wider and faster. I think it's also better for astro due to comma behaviour. The lack of AF in this UWA isn't so important.
  2. If you compare the original price of the 1.4, the difference is way bigger than 130$.
  3. As FujiGlitch says, there's no optical zoom, it's a prime lens. I think there's only the option to make a digital zoom, 35 and 50 equivalent. Try searching the manual. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x70/
  4. Incredible images! The ones in the web are great too, so inspiring. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing!
  5. One of Budapest from Buda castle. X-E2 + XF 18-55
  6. Lonely street in Vienna (Austria). Fuji X-E2 + XF 18-55
  7. Cliffs in Pría (Asturias, Spain) Fuji X-E2 + XF 18-55
  8. Pría cliffs (Asturias, Spain) Fuji X-E2 + XF 18-55
  9. Ouch! I'm sorry for your little X-E2 but you get a great camera for replacing it I hope you were ok after the fall.
  10. Great update, thanks Fuji! There are many improvements. Two things I don't like after a few tests (for the moment): - If you set MF and Focus peaking in low light I think that there's more noise than before. Without focus peaking doesn't happen. - It seems to be a little slower writing in the memory card. Has anyone noticed this? AF, electronic shutter, new UI, Fn buttons, etc are great.
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