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  1. POV starts around the 3:45 mark, a link to download the images for you pixel peeper is also in the description.
  2. Thought you guys would enjoy this. Rules are simple, simply download the image and edit away. You can post back here, or to the Facebook group. Happy editing! Download Photo.
  3. once this lens comes out I'll be back to Fujifilm no quesitons asked.
  4. For those who just want to view the images and not the process then check this link.
  5. Thanks for watching, glad you enjoyed the images. Makes me wish I had my X100T still.
  6. Went to Cleveland for a day and had the opportunity to shoot for about 4-5 hours. Been a while since I've used the X100T so felt good to shoot with it again.
  7. KeenanRIVALS

    APT. B

    I had the chance to shoot a friend of mine recently in her apartment, I've always been fascinated by spectacular pictures in ordinary scenes, so despite my lack of experience in this field of photography I figured why not give it an attempt. The set was photographed with the Fujifilm X-T1 and a combination of the XF 35, XF 56 and Tamron SP 90. You can view the full set here. http://www.rivalsvs.com/journal//apt-b
  8. The new 50 from Rokinon may be a better buy, I understand it's not a 135 FF equivalent but may be worth looking into. I find the Rokinon lenses have some of the best bokeh out there, at least on Full Frame. But for the money you could probably find an old vintage lens in a similar focal length that is just as adequate and not as heavy.
  9. I was going to get it for improved auto focus, but the XF 35, though beloved, is no longer my go to focal length for street photography since acquiring the XF 27. For my portraiture work fast autofocus isn't a priority, and depth of field is. When you factor in the price and the rebates I think it'll be a lens thats better to purchase down the road... I don't know I'll probably pre-order lol.
  10. I love shooting with legacy, or vintage lenses. At the end of the day for professional work I tend to only shoot with my XF lenses. But I also buy and sell vintage lenses for review purposes, and every now and then one will be so great for the price point that it stays in my kit. My Tamron SP 90 is a prime example, I paid $7 for it, $20 for the adapter and now I have a 135 f/2.5 Macro lens that amazing when needed.
  11. My SMC 50 f/1.4 isn't quite f/1.2 but in the right setting it's a great lens. I have noticed it has a bit of a lens flare issue at times, but so does the XF 56 without hood (I need to get hood for these lenses). However as many stated the autofocus, price point and image quality of the XF 56 is something you can't replicate. Another option maybe the new Rokinon 50 f/1.2 that recently was announced, not quite 56mm but as close as possible... Another lens I may invest in just to see if the quality is better than the price point.
  12. To me I love it and hate it, I like it obviously for its small form factor and cheap price, as well as it's fast aperture. But at times, even stopped down I've noticed it to be a bit soft. If I was going for a lens because of it's form factor I would recommend it, but I honestly think the 18-55 is a better performer.
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