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  1. reading is hard I guess.
  2. traded all my faster equivalents for the f/2 versions. They're sharper at the same apertures and much quieter, faster and more lightweight. Losing a soft extra stop is no real loss. Made a profit too!
  3. also you might consider the 35mm f/2 instead - it has water resistance so will let you got out with confidence in variable weather conditions.
  4. lenstip are far more eloquent than me: http://www.lenstip.com/433.6-Lens_review-Fujifilm_Fujinon_XF_16-55_mm_f_2.8_R_LM_WR_Distortion.html
  5. no rectilinear distortion? it barrel distorts quite significantly in raw. your camera is correcting it.
  6. http://www.thephoblographer.com/2014/05/06/review-zeiss-50mm-f2-8-touit-fujifilm-x-mount/
  7. If you're photographing fast moving subjects you'll get better results from learning to do zone focusing regardless of lens on fuji.
  8. Besides the exasperating XF60mm lens, I've been perfectly happy with every combination of Fuji kit I've had, but I don't bother with the new aids, I doubt if they'll ever be able to read my mind quicker than I can operate the manual controls. It's really just a case of sticking with one body and minimal lenses until operation of the device is second nature. New bodies really just mean quicker startup, recycling and improved sensor limits.
  9. But this is literally how every point and shoot camera has done it for years and years, it's hardly a 'change' thing.
  10. I prefer to have 1 or 2 batteries charging while I'm out shooting with another pair, personally. I can't take the downtime of having to tether the camera to a charger.
  11. 1. There are much better options for 4k video than either camera 2. This is just a form factor thing surely? The X-Pro/X100 cameras are every inch designed to look vintage 3. First thing anyone who buys a camera that charges is to buy an external charger All nice to haves but not showstoppers by most measures.
  12. The camera has OIS but I'm not sure it should behave like you're describing it.
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