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  1. From Kens Leica M9 review: The D3X only had a market value of $5,500, so it was a flop at Nikon's gouging price of $8,000. Worse than the D3X being a flop, attempting to ask such a foolish price was such a bad move on Nikon's part that Adolph Hitler himself came back through history to express his astonishment. If something is offensive enough to disturb Hitler, it's not something I want to touch even with someone else's 20-foot (6 meter) pole. Priceless, and some people think he's a troll ?
  2. But look at the Rolex and Omega watches he uses for his macro/close up shots, they're beginning to look a little tatty, give the guy a break and click on his support button so the guy can buy a new watch (or two) Come on the guy is obviously struggling
  3. +1 on the lensmate, it's a great addition to the XT1 only negatives are you can't see the metering mode symbol, it partially blocks the back thumbwheel and it's only available in black, it looks good on my graphite xt1 though. But positives, makes the camera feel more balanced, it also helps accidental rotation of the exposure compensation dial, for me this is a major one,it's a pet peev of mine. As for the hand grip, I bought one for my xpro1 and tbh I never used, I found the Gariz half case on the xt1 gives a much better grip, plus there's a bit of protection for the camera and it looks good.
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