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    mdm got a reaction from olli in More Free Software   
    Good tool. Thank you olli.
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    mdm reacted to olli in More Free Software   
    Athentec, the people who make the Perfectly Clear plugin, are giving away part of it. The PC plugin adjust exposure, vibrancy and tint and it's the exposure bit they are giving away as Athentec Perfect Exposure. It's a very simple tool with a few presets and some basic manual adjustments but it's useful for those images you don't want to spend a lot of time on and, for me, it generally does a better job that LR's auto setting. You can get it on the Athentec website.
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    mdm got a reaction from rlewis in X-Pro2 | Rodeo Action   
    Glad to see this work Rick and glad to see how good 18-55mm and 60mm might be in the proper hands.
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    mdm reacted to rlewis in X-Pro2 | Rodeo Action   
    I pre-ordered an X-Pro2 from Amazon and now have about 1,000 images or so under my belt.  This last weekend I attended the Alabama High School Rodeo for a few hours and decided to try the X-Pro2 shooting action.  What I had not counted on was the total crap (low, low) light.  The rodeo was held in the indoor arena in Montgomery.  It is decades old with horrible lighting.  I shot at 8,000 - 12,800 ISO for the entire time, inside.
    The light was so dim I had to use my 60mm f2.4 Fujinon lens, wide open and could go no higher than 1/800th sec shutter speed.  This was not ideal.  I needed at least 1/1000th sec to stop the action but you do what you can.  Even with this exposure I am guessing I was about a full f-stop under what I needed.
    I was totally blown away at how well the X-Pro2 performed.  I shot in Acros G and Classic Chrome simulations and shot only Jpeg.  My settings were -4NR, 0 HTone, -2 STone, +2 Color (CC) & +1 Sharpening.  I was in continuous focus, zone focus mode.  Take a look at my Blog Post for my impressions of the X-Pro2.  For much larger versions of the sample images check out my Flickr Page.

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    mdm reacted to magnesi in Barcelona Streets   
    Barcelona2015115 by Nainesh Shah, on Flickr
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    mdm got a reaction from MartiniVision in Acros settings?   
    Check it here  - http://www.prophotonut.com/2016/02/21/acros-film-simulation-with-the-fuji-x-pro2/
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    mdm reacted to Jackalized in 18mm f/2 - Your experience/opinion on this lens?   
    What do you want to shoot with it? It's not the best lens for landscape where perfect corner to corner sharpness matters (it relies heavily on software distortion correction*). 
    Otherwise it's a fast and small lens perfectly suited to documentary, street, photojournalism style.
    Nice rendering, smooth bokeh, sharpness-wise it's perfectly fine from wide open.
    It has some problems with chromatic aberrations, it may be not well suited if your favourite photosubjects are tree branches against bright sky
    It focuses fast (although it's a little bit noisy compared to other and especially newer X-lenses) and it's very flare proof (you can leave the hood at home, the only flare it cuts down are rare situations where a strong light source shines directly in something like a 80° angle on the front element).
    This lens' biggest problem are pixelpeeping armchair-testchart-brickwall-photographers
    *if you're using a raw converter which lets you control the applied correction, you can even use this as an advantage to counter the stretched-head-wide-angle look in the corners
    some snapshots with my 18mm:
    f2 near distance in seriously low light
    f2 near-medium disctance in slightly better but still low light
    f4 medium-far distance in low light
    f4 near distance in ok light
    f5.6 far distance in ok light
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    mdm got a reaction from Jackalized in Fuji XF 18-135mm   
    you may put it in your signature so should not retype it in every post.
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    mdm got a reaction from darknj in Fuji XF 18-135mm   
    you may put it in your signature so should not retype it in every post.
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    mdm reacted to PhotoMadd in Fujifilm XF90mm f/2 WR lens write up and images   
    I've written up my thoughts on the XF90mm lens from Fujifilm, including some images from a recent shoot and a few other samples.
    Hope you enjoy!
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    mdm reacted to cug in so many cameras, how to decide?   
    Let me get back to cameras themselves you give you my personal opinion what I use for what and what I think the advantages or disadvantages with specific models are. You can then think about whether any of that applies to you and whether it is something you have already considered or haven't yet but shouldn't.
    Image Quality
    Let's get that out of the way first, unless you regularly remove 30% of the pixels through cropping, you aren't going to see an improvement with the 24MP over the 16MP sensors. 
    There are minuscule differences between ISO performance, detail resolution and dynamic range that are completely and utterly irrelevant for day to day use. Even blowing up a 16 and a 24MP photo to 1m x 1.5m print, you'll be hard pressed to see a difference. The lens choice makes more of a difference than the pixel count.
    The additional Acros film simulation that everybody raves about is awesome, but again irrelevant if you want to truly get the best out of your images and therefore process raws with strong local exposure adjustments like gradients or other tools in Lightroom that allow you to widely change exposure in part of your photo. The raw just has more data than the JPEG and while the JPEGs actually do have an astounding leverage, they aren't as versatile as the raws.
    By and large, the weight gain of a 100g to 150g or so from one end of the spectrum (X-Pro2/X-T1) to the other (X-T10/X-E2) are again, completely irrelevant. The weight is in the number and type of lenses you are planning to carry. There are the (comparatively) huge pro zooms (16-55, 50-140, 100-400) which are very large and heavy for mirrorless camera lenses, there are the mid-sized, but very, very good and fast lenses (16, 23, 56, 90) that are really on par with any L lens I've ever tried and there are the compacts, which are also pretty much in their own weight/price/quality class (14, both 35s, 60, 18-55). 
    Depending on your shooting style you may or may not know what focal lengths are working for you. If you do know, pick the ones you know you'll like and just consider weight and size as well when picking between close contenders (like 14 vs. 16, 18 vs. 23, 56 vs. 60). 
    Again, you determine the weight and size more by how many lenses you pack and which line of lenses you pick. The camera body is nearly irrelevant there.
    Camera Size
    What a lot of people miss is that the small camera bodies of mirrorless cameras have unique challenges in terms of haptic and ergonomics. Hands and fingers and thumbs have a certain size and need a certain space to operate comfortably. Personally I find the X-T1 layout quite cramped although I get along fine with it nowadays, I wish it was a little bit bigger and had the general layout of the new X-Pro2 but with a grip even more pronounced and deeper than the X-T1 has. 
    I use my X-T1 with a permanently attached ArcaSwiss plate from Really Right Stuff, that gives the camera the necessary height so I can grip it comfortably with my full hand and don't have fingers hanging out in the air. The X-Pro2 doesn't need that, but for me it needs a real front grip. The X-E2 is awesome with the Fuji Metal Hand Grip, the same is true for the X100T, I have not tried the X-T10 with a grip. 
    Quick impressions:
    X-T1 – very good for me with the ArcaSwiss plate permanently attached X-Pro1/2 – very good, but gets a bit large with the extra grip attached which I want as the camera's front grip isn't great X-E2 – great, but only with the Fuji Metal Hand Grip, without that, I dislike the handling of the camera X100T – great, but only with a Metrocase grip or the Fuji Metal Hand Grip, without these I dislike the handling of the camera even more than X-E2 X-T10 – too small for me, might be okay with additional handgrip, although I find the body overall to be too small So, pick your poison. Pick a small body with the potential need of adding a bulky grip, or pick a larger not quite ergonomic model that you have to make really bulky if it doesn't for you without a grip or pick a midsized model, add a grip or not. 
    In daily use the size differences don't matter to people seeing you with the camera, don't think you are more or less conspicuous with a smaller camera, certainly as soon as you add a bulky lens like the 16mm that is completely gone.
    Body Style
    I find the SLR style bodies work better for me as I am left eye dominant and I keep my face slightly angled to the camera with my nose not touching the rear screen of my X-T1 at all but being in contact with my right thumb sometimes. No big deal, there is enough space there for me to work comfortably. 
    Over time I have trained myself to be able to shoot with my right eye as well, but the rangefinder style does have some downsides for me. The EVFs are smaller, I love the huge EVF on the X-T1. And often enough I just pick up the camera put it my face and have smashed my nose against the screen because I put it to my left eye. Remember, left eye dominant here. Never a problem with the X-T1/X-T10.
    Also, on the X100T as well as the X-Pro series, one of the big issues I have is that I get fingerprints on the front element of the viewfinder which makes the view slightly "fuzzy" or "milky". The effect is actually quite pronounced which surprised me. I don't have the problem much since I added a quite big grip to the X100T, but before that it would happen ALL the time. Very annoying. 
    My personal expectation is that the X-T2 will get a little bigger to deal better with heat management when 4k video arrives. It will pick up most of the internal changes of the X-Pro2, except the viewfinder of course and will hopefully go to an ever better EVF panel with higher resolution. The increased body size will make a stronger distinction between X-T10 and X-T2 than there is today, which personally I find acceptable as it allows for a more ergonomically sound button and grip placement. 
    X-T1 vs. X-T2
    The difference between the two will not be nearly as big as the differences between X-Pro1 and X-Pro2. X-Pro1 has been around for four years, it's a first generation product. X-T1 is a second (or even 2.5 if you account for the not-quite-there X100S) generation product. Going from second generation to third generation won't be as much of a step as from first to third. Therefore, it's likely not a step that will bring lots of benefits for users of current cameras, but can be an interesting one if you can wait out the release of the X-T2 and pick the then new camera generation.
    As mentioned above, image quality won't matter too much for still images, video will likely be a larger distinction if that matters to you. Personally I find 4k video in cameras like the ones we are discussing here, completely useless as the resolution increase brings too many downsides with it: long processing times in post, lots of storage needed, heat management in camera, not many places where you can actually watch 4k video. 
    Personally I think if you want a camera for video, there are better choices in non-Fuji land.
    AF performance and general speed will be increased, but overall it won't be a revelation compared to what people have been used to on DSLRs for nearly a decade now. It's great to get, but not worth the upgrade from X-T1 to X-T2, again, just my personal opinion.
    X-Pro2 vs. other X
    Given it has the latest tech if the body style suits you and you actually like the OVF (I don't), there is no question, the X-Pro2 is a great camera. But it is kind of a geek camera with the OVF that isn't really great with a lens wider than 18mm or longer than 35mm. The captured frame is either bigger than what you see in the OVF or the frame visible is a really small square in the middle, even with the OVF magnification. I wish Fuji had added a third magnification level to allow 60 and/or 90mm lenses to use more than a small area of the OVF. 
    Other than that I think the X-Pro2 has the best button and control layout by far from all the X cameras. Part of this is due to available space on the larger body, another part is a good balance between physical controls for the full exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) while leaving other functions to dedicated buttons or Fn buttons. The X-T1 brings it a bit too far with suboptimal implementation on a slightly too small body for the number of controls, the X-E and X-T10 style bodies have less dedicated controls again. So overall, I'd give the nod for buttons and controls to the X-Pro2 and hope that Fuji will bring some of that to the X-T2. Although I won't hold my breath there as I believe they'll still end up with suboptimal implementation and too many controls for the body size. But okay, that's something you can get used to.
    Regarding sensor and processor, I believe the newer processor gives a bigger gain than the new sensor. It speeds up everything the camera does and makes it more snappy and the new firmware and menu styling allows for some more intuitive handling. While the sensor is nice, it's no revelation compared to what has been around in competing cameras for a while, it merely brings Fuji up to par in terms of APS-C resolution with other manufacturers. Which, by itself, is a good thing, but I don't consider it crucial. The speed increase of the processor is much more crucial, especially to owners of the first generation X-Pro1 or X-E1 cameras than anything the sensor does.
    Packed Space Requirements
    One thing often overlooked is the requirement in packed space. An X-Pro2 packs actually slightly more compact than an X-T1. This might only affect people like me with a certain style/size in bags, but it's something to consider. The X-T1 "EVF hump" in addition with the ArcaSwiss base makes the X-T1 not fit in one of my preferred camera bags (Billingham Hadley Small) the way I want it, meaning sideways. Sure I can squeeze it in, bulging the bag, but I don't consider that a great solution. Therefore the Hadley Small is used for X100T and sometimes X-E2, but never for X-T1 based kits. I use a larger Hadley Pro for the X-T1 kit and like that sized bag for some other reasons as well. It really just depends on what I'm doing.
    And a big one (for me): Eye Point
    I frigging hate that Fuji has put such a small rear element on X100 and X-Pro series cameras. It means you have to get your eye really close to the viewfinders rear opening to see the full frame. With my Silhouette glasses that's not possible for me. With my other style glasses it works but I still have to "smash" the glasses against the rubber eye relief to see the viewfinder properly and I plain dislike that. The much longer eyepoint on X-T1 and X-E2 works a lot better for me. Especially the X-T1 with the large magnification, big rear element and long eye point combined with the long eye cup (accessory) is a joy to use even with glasses. I tend to use the rear display of the X100T much more than on any other camera with a viewfinder I have owned so far, plain because the viewfinder doesn't work well for me. 
    Long term outlook (pure guesswork)
    My guess is that Fuji will distinguish the bigger and more expensive bodies over time more from the smaller and less expensive bodies than they have so far. Just think about it: the difference between X-T10 and X-T1 are basically weather sealing, larger EVF and more physical controls. That's it. But the X-T1 costs nearly twice as much. 
    It could be that Fuji sticks to 16MP sensors and other cheaper components for the time being while the X-T2 and X-Pro2 will stay ahead for some time. That could mean software features as well as hardware features. It's the difficulty for a small company to work a market with quite a wide span in terms of technical requirements, price desires and overall hype for new things. 
    So, maybe the above rant helped a little bit. I had some time sitting in a hotel waiting for my flight to leave, so I was able to write this all down. Whether it applies to you or not – only you can decide.
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    mdm got a reaction from Jürgen Heger in X-Pro1 snaps Winner Image at World Press Photo 2016 and The Wall Street Journal front page   
    It's just what I've been thinking of lately. At the same time as this forum has come to consensus that barebone spec's superiority (Sony) doesn't really matter, we are still debating about lens's micro-contrast, sharpness across the frame, resolution power, etc etc... Force of habit I believe... But nevertheless we love the art of photography, though sometimes talking tech.
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    mdm got a reaction from Mike K in Time to go ...   
    There are places like 500px.com. Billions of so-so photos with a few comments to every one saying the same BS - .... oh! what a lovely picture! love it so much! ... bla bla bla...
    Do you realy need this way?
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    mdm reacted to davehutch in Hopefully a useful reference guide for some - X-T1 vs. X-E2 Specs   
    I have both cameras, I thought it might be a good idea to keep hold of my X-E2 body and sure enough, now fw 4.0 is available, I'm really glad I did.
    It occurred to me that the two cameras are now not so different to each other, so I started putting together a comparison spreadsheet of specs, using the latest fw versions for both cameras.
    Hopefully, if you're in two minds about whether to keep your X-E2, upgrade to an X-T1 or maybe even buy a second-hand X-E2 instead of an X-T1, this might help.
    Let me know if I got anything wrong, but I did most of this using the info on Fuji's website so it should be accurate
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    mdm reacted to adzman808 in The X-Pro1 - Still Perfectly Valid   
    If anyone is interested...
    I'm writing about my lust/hate/love affair with the X-Pro1 on my blog!
    As well as this story, there's many shots taken with the X-Pro1 and some with the XT1.
    Please note that my blog features NO donate links, or buy prints links or buy from advertising partners links! It's simply a labour of love - a bit like using the X-Pro1 can be!!
    Edited post for anyone not scrolling to the bottom!!
    The full story so far!
    Unless someone can tell me otherwise (and please do), I think that I've now created one of the (if not simply 'the') largest opinion* based X-Pro1 articles on the internet.
    (*there's facts and stuff in there too and of course many things are also true of the later X cameras!!)
    I remain as passionate and enthusiastic about the X-Pro1 as I always, I know it's neither the newest or best camera out there, but I sincerely believe it's a perfectly valid photography solution, offering a signature look to it files, and in usage, the body responds well to be treated like a film camera.
    So here's a overview:
    Part 1:
    When you fall for a camera, does it always work out how you think?
    "Boy meets camera, lives happily ever, right? WRONG! But how wrong? And can two wrongs make a right?"
    When you dream that a camera will be everything you hoped, how will you react when it isn't?
    "This is the part where I moan, complain and moan some more about the laggy EVF, the woefully inaccurate OVF experience, the glacier slow AF"
    When you start to miss imperfection.
    "The second time around the X-Pro1 became so very, very much more than eye candy to me. I finally figured out how to use it, I fell in love with it holistically"
    When you (well I !!) start to realise it's the way that files look that's important
    " it was enough to draw me in - to forgive the camera its quirks and foibles and want to get the best from it."
    When you try to define just exactly what it is that you love about the look of an image
    " IN MY OPINION and TOO MY EYE the X-Pro1 has a signature to its images, a look that I love very much."
    When you understand how over come physical limitations, via self improvement
    "as you can see (and perhaps agree) by taking back control of focus from the shutter button, we still can utilize the benefits of AF"
    When you understand that blind love of a camera is only a personal view point and that's important
    "when things get personal, then people tend to bring their A game, and a strong A game can accomplish anything"
    When you start to look at what bits and bobs you can add on to your camera
    "they add to the camera, and they enrich the overall ownership experience"
    When you realise that companies other than the OEM can offer valid items for your camera
    "I’m going to say that if you’re getting a genuine benefit"
    When you have a good look at your camera's files and find your own path
    "Why would I want to truncate my potential output by dismissing any of the available options"
    The latest part.
    Well it's Sunday morning, so that must been it's time for another installment of my X-Pro1 article!
    This week I take a look at the DR modes and their relationship to ISO.
    But how do they work, and do I PERSONALLY feel they're worth using?
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    mdm got a reaction from elmacus in Pre-order X Pro2 or wait for X T2   
    and the official answer is...
    DPreview: Can you explain more about these different kinds of photographers as you see them?
    FUJI: When we started the X-series with the X100 we were aiming at street photographers. And the X-Pro1 and now the X-Pro2 are extensions [of that concept]. The X-T1 is for those photographers who like to photograph sports, nature and wildlife. What they like to shoot is different, so we need to provide for two different kinds of photographers.
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    mdm reacted to flysurfer in Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumors   
    My First Look is finally ready: https://fujixsecrets.wordpress.com/2016/01/16/first-look-fujifilm-x-pro2/
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    mdm reacted to danwells in Fujifilm X-T2 rumors   
    Fuji has been hinting strongly and publicly at the X-T2 showing up with the new sensor - comments like "the sensor and processor can handle 4k video, but that wasn't right for the X-Pro 2 - that's another camera".  The new X-Processor Pro in the X-Pro 2 hints at something else, too (and Fuji's pretty much said as much) - you don't need that kind of processor speed in an image quality focused RANGEFINDER??? I haven't been able to find the processor speed (either in megahertz and core type or in megapixels/second) for any camera other than Fuji's new X-Processor Pro (and the old one by reference in the description of the new one), but it seems to be in the range of at least a Nikon D4s/Canon 1Dx class processor, if not closer to the D5...The only reason for that speed that I can see is that it is shared with another project, one where it makes sense.. I can only see three possible cameras that could need a processor like that (an X-T2 that competes only against the D7200/ EOS7D mkII class doesn't need it).
    1.) A "Top Pro" class DSLR (or in Fuji's case, the first attempt to put a mirrorless camera in that range)!
    2.) A movie camera, or a true hybrid (GH4 or A7s type camera)!
    3.) A medium format camera (this isn't the X-T2, but it may ALSO be sitting on Fuji's "interesting ideas" shelf, if not already in "interesting prototypes").
    If I worked for Fuji, I'd be aiming at a combination of 1. and 2. above - the Nikon I'd be aiming at is the D500, not the D7200, and I'd add GH4 class or better video capabilities.
    I'm guessing here, but here's my version of the X-T2...
    X-Pro 2 sensor and processor
    Leica SL viewfinder (or something similar)
    Increased emphasis on video, since it no longer has to be the flagship still camera (I'd expect a LOT of video modes and options, some of them 4K, with GH4 level or better maximum data rates). At least 100 Mbps maximum data rate in 1080p and 4K, 200 Mbps certainly possible.
    MAYBE an innovative codec in addition to H.264 (we've just begun to see native ProRes in a few cameras)
    12 FPS with full autofocus (it could be either 10 or 14 (or more - the processor, astoundingly, would allow 20 FPS - see my comment on "what's this thing doing in a rangefinder" above), but I'd split the difference among likely frame rates and say 12.
    Dual card slots, either SD/SD or maybe SD/XQD if they need XQD for some of the video data rates, or for an absurd frame rate
    Modified X-T1 body (if the ISO dial in the X-Pro 2 works out, it may migrate to the X-T2, leaving the left side dial for drive modes and perhaps metering modes)...
    Accessory grip with some additional video-focused connectors and the ability to take either multiple (3? one in the camera PLUS two in the grip ) NP-W 126s or a bigger battery
    Weathersealing at least at, perhaps above the X-T1/X-Pro 2 level.
    And the X-T20 (or more likely it'll be the X-T7 or some other in between number),using the 24 MP sensor, but perhaps a cut down, single core version of the processor.
    Existing X-T1 viewfinder
    Good (but not absurdly good) video - think 50 Mbps 4K and 1080p, H.264 only. This video will probably find its way to the X-Pro 2 with a little Kaizen firmware, which Fuji's even hinted at (the X-T2 video probably won't)
    8 FPS
    Single SD slot
    Basically an X-T1 with the new sensor and a nice little video tweak.
    The X-T10 will stay a while, dropping to around $799 and giving an entry level  choice between rangefinder and DSLR styling.- it's a similar camera to the X-E2s in a different style.
    I guessed at a split upgrade for a number of reasons having to do with Fuji engineer comments AND the power of the processor. Fuji engineers consistently mention a "multimedia camera", and the X-T1 really isn't one. It's a high performance still camera, but its video mode isn't even great for a midrange DSLR, let alone in the range of the mirrorless hybrids. That suggests the upgrade will have something distinctly new in that regard... The X-Processor Pro can handle a multimedia camera, and why build it for anything else (half of it would be perfectly sufficient for the X-Pro 2, or for a "vanilla" X-T2)? Fuji is small enough that they share a lot of parts between models, and that could explain the absurdly overpowered processor in the X-Pro 2.
    If I had to guess on timing, I'd say Photokina, with pre-holiday availability? It's a bit tricky, because Fuji'd want to hit Photokina with the pro camera (not have it already out 3-4 months, and have the cut-down version be the Photokina introduction). On the other hand, the cheaper camera is going to be the holiday seller...
    Maybe they'll slip the X-T2 out for the Olympics (Maybe with a great new telephoto prime - how about a 200mm f2.4 which becomes a 280mm f3.5 with the 1.4x AND a 400 mm f4.8 with a 2x converter)? A 200mm f2 does even more interesting things with converters, but that's a HUGE lens (5 lbs or more), and it's over $5000 (of course, so's everyone else's fast sports telephoto)... Given Fuji's sensor size, a 200 mm f2 is equivalent to a 300 mm f2 on full frame, then it can convert to a 400 mm f2.8 equivalent AND a 600 mm f4 equivalent. I haven't heard ANYTHING about a long, fast prime, but it's what a body like that would need to add to the present lens lineup...
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    mdm got a reaction from CRAusmus in Astro Photography   
    Here you are some readings - http://www.lonelyspeck.com/lenses-for-milky-way-photography
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    mdm got a reaction from CRAusmus in Fujifilm X-PRO2 rumors   
    lossless compression - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lossless_compression
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    mdm got a reaction from MrPolite in Any experience buying lenses on ebay?   
    Well, I'd set my personal limits for eBay at $200, so yes, I've bought this one - http://www.ebay.com/itm/131607163005
    Got it as described w/o retail box. No problems so far.
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