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  1. I wander about those 2 things hoe maya people use 2.5 remote ? - i have only just found the slot on x-t3 and second question how many even have something like that? maybe it is something to make an fujirumors questionnaire about... is the remote jack slot really needed on x-t3/ x-t4 cameras? or the next one?
  2. USB-C charging and fully articulating touch screen please!
  3. I would like a software solution to enable focus transition speed control - so that it could do more "cinematic" focus pool ala Canon 80D. Basically i would like to be able to slow it down on demand.
  4. Please update the mobile app so that it could replace missing full flip-out screen (working in horizontal mode for video) and maybe connecting through USB 3.0 in addition to WiFi to save the battery life. I know it is X-T2 wish list but the app is an extension of every x camera...
  5. I would want : - being able to replace memory card without having to unscrew tripod mount (so central tripod mount i would gues) - usb type c connector with charging capability (maybe one for charging and second for video) - x-t2 quality video and autofocus - front dial - WR - mic + headphone combo jack socket with a split adapter cable (this would not take more space than it does now) - Vloging aid - either: - tilt +touch screen ( with nikon 5500 like autofocus point selection ) for vloging with option to switch it off for purists or: option to connect a phone through USB-c for video and mount the phone on the hot shoe - maybe being able to work with x-t2 gripp? ( i know they are different shape now - but this might be just an inspiration for fuji engineers to come up with something genius again like intermediate grip or something )
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