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  1. The effect is very dependent on the angle and the position of the sun - very low sun (just before sunset) leads to it easily, especially with certain lenses like the 56mm/1.2, it happens most easily with this one. But i.e. in the mountains, with the sun high up, it does not happen at all.
  2. It's mostly customer perception and conditioning. For many people that come from smartphones or compacts, the SLR style is the "real camera" look, so they go for it when they upgrade...
  3. I think it still holds up pretty well to be honest...the EVF works fine (I like it better than my X-T1 sometimes), it's reliable...2017 should be fine...
  4. The 18-55 is very good for a so-called kit lens, with only some minor weakness at the long end. But I got into Fuji from the 35mm 1.4 as my only lens, which is a brilliant choice overall (despite being noisy) and having only one prime definitely changes your photographic view. The 35/2 is more modern and faster in focusing, but you lose a stop of light and the distortion is higher (but digitally corrected in camera). Would be the alternative if you need weather resistance and quick focusing more than highest apertures. Whatever you choose, you can't go wrong. I'm a fan of high aperture and low light, so it was obvious for me to start with the 35mm.
  5. I think the fine detail looks better now...but maybe it's just me, nobody commented on it. My previous 100% detail sharpening preset looks a bit "too much" now in some cases so I tuned it down and foliage etc. was still fine. But maybe it's wishful thinking blurring my mind?
  6. Same here. Thumbnails load way faster now. A step in the right direction.
  7. I know, but I still find it astonishing that a zoom can stand its ground in that respect vs the excellent primes. Have never used the 90mm since it's too specific for me, but since it has been a favorite for many portrait shooters, there must be a reason.
  8. For me, the reason was probably that I had just started photography and working with the X system...so selling it was probably a bit premature. I was simply not used to use that focal length and primes in general. Actually liked the compact size and image quality.
  9. My X100T has never shown anything like that...it's just a bit "dreamy" wide open and for macro under F4? But nothing like that asymmetrical sharpness issue...will you send it in again?
  10. For me, it was the 18mm. Sold it therefore, since I got the 18-55 in the meantime. Of my current lenses, probably the 56mm. I love the lens, but it's not a lens I use everyday.
  11. Interesting review...although a lot of copy & paste on the viewfinder. Do not agree on the landscape colors for Fuji in general. But in most cases, he has some fair points about each camera he reviews, and a lot of subjective exaggerations and complaints that are not consistent. He for sure knows how to stay interesting and drive traffic...
  12. I agree, StephaneB...and sometimes patterns are creating moirées in certain converters, too. I encountered it when taking pics of Hamburg's new music hall, made from many red bricks. In Lightroom I had a moiree that I could not get rid of, in Iridient it was perfectly fine (and sharper).
  13. The best market in Europe to buy a camera is probably Switzerland, believe it or not. Cameras are cheaper than in Germany.
  14. I still consider the 50-140 the best lens in the lineup - have not checked the F2/90 though. Sharp like a prime plus amazing OIS, even wide open. You will not be disappointed for sure. I thought about selling the 56 since I don't use it much anymore and don't necessarily need 1.2...but I love the aesthetics. ;-)
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