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  1. Still have my X-T1 and recently took with me newly purchased X-T2 on a month long Euro trip. Great auto focus improvement with the T2.
  2. I have 2 of these Lexar uhs-II 1000x and they are slower than Sandisk uhs-I v30; prove them on both x-t1 and now on x-t2. I did not do a technical test, just normal usage test and i get slower write-in with the Lexar. Lexar and Sandisk uhs-II 300mb are both so expensive and not worth the expense for me for just still photos.
  3. Hello to everyone !!! From Virginia, home of the worlds largest naval base. I'm just a casual shooter, been a long time Nikon user and still have and occasionally shoot my F3 and a Pentax MX. I trained and worked for a pro in Manila back in the 70's but work and constant travel with my full time job affected my hobby. When digital age came and I got interested again, i picked up new D70, went on to D200, 300 and now got my Fuji X-T1 last week. I only have the 18-55 lens but i plan on adapting my Nikon lenses. Cheers to all !!!
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