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  1. Convert in camera gives definitely good results, but I find it too awkward. Good to quickly load a pic in the web. :-) What is missing is an application fuji, for PC, with the conversion algorithm used in camera. :-) ------------------- I think that right now it is absurd to discuss what is the best raw converter, I tested several, but for convenience ACR is second to none. I find great RFC, so I bought the older brother, pro studio 6. Excellent results.
  2. Early in the morning of a foggy day, around the streets of Bamberg. Beautiful town in Germany. Xe2 xf 18/55
  3. This is the Dom of Bamberg, early in the morning. Ooc jpg merged in Ps. I like to process the raw files in camera. Xe2 xf18/55.
  4. This is a view of Regnitz by night. The river flows through Bamberg, a city of Bayernland. Jpg slightly adjusted in the camera.
  5. Hi there, this is Castel Fontana near Merano, Italy.
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