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  1. Heya guys, I recently enjoyed a wonderful trip to Sydney and had an afternoon to myself to do some street photography in this great place. I loved it and can't wait to try Melbourne on for size when we head there in a few weeks. As always the X30 does a great job at street photography. https://czechingoutofhere.wordpress.com/2015/12/14/sydney-street-photography/
  2. Haven't tried the Ricoh GR but I played around with the Sony and it was just soulless. Fujis have that little something extra that just makes them a joy to shoot with.
  3. Heya folks. Here's some thoughts on shooting street photography with the X30. I know the X100 and X Pro 1 are the Kings of the Streets but I think the little guy deserves some love too. https://czechingoutofhere.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/street-photography-with-the-fujifilm-x30/
  4. Hey guys, Finally got around to penning a wee review of the X30 after a previous post on using it for street photography. If you've been thinking of picking one up or you're a fan of this great little camera, feel free to take a read. Cheers, James https://czechingoutofhere.wordpress.com/2015/11/02/fujifilm-x30-review/
  5. I've developed a bit of an addiction to street photography since moving to Tasmania and the X30 is perfect for the style I do. Many deride the smaller sensor but for street photography it's great as you get more depth of field without having to bump the aperture up to F8. The almost silent shutter helps a lot too as on a noisy street you can't hear it at all, unlike my friend's X-Pro 1 which you can definitely hear. The fast burst mode is great too and helps to ensure you'll get a few options. The X40 can't be far away and I'm excited to see what they do with it, whether it will be another big change or a more gradual upgrade. My main wish list would be better high ISO performance, not necessarily a larger sensor although the 1" would still give decent depth of field. Time will tell.... Here's a link to a blog post I put up recently on the experience of shooting street photography with the X30. https://czechingoutofhere.wordpress.com/2015/09/17/street-photography-with-the-fujifilm-x30/
  6. The ferry journey back from Maria Island in Tasmania. Fujifilm X30
  7. Hey all, I'm James, originally from Dublin, Ireland but currently living in Hobart, Tasmania.....as you do. Been shooting Fujifilm since the X10 and currently have an X30 after an unfortunate crushing incident broke poor Fred my X10. The majority of images on my blog are taken with an X30 or the X10 for posts before January this year. It's a fantastic little camera and always amazes me with the quality of its files.
  8. I think what I would have liked most about the XM-1 would have been the option for fast lenses like the 35 F1.4 which looks delicious....and that new 90mm wow! But then again I'd never be able to afford those so Frank will do just fine
  9. I've had my X30 since January this year after upgrading from an X10 which unfortunately was damaged in a careless crushing incident at the Brno Moto GP race last year I'm loving the X30, it takes great pictures and the new features are fantastic. It's really handy being able to download images on my phone, do a quick edit in snapseed and have them online within minutes of taking them, that's a great addition. The tilting screen is also a big plus point and I find myself using it a lot to get those tricky angles as well as sneakier street style stuff. Could it do with a bigger sensor? Of course but it is what it is and I think it's a fantastic little camera, bring it with me everywhere and take 90% of my photos with it. I was torn between getting the X30 and an XM1 and I think I made the right decision for my needs. Would absolutely love an XT10 though, oof! Here's two landscape shots taken on "Frank" as I call my X30, "Fred" was my X10 who did a great job also, really liked that sensor.
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