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  1. I like to share some pictures form my 'Water Line Venice' series. Enjoy and cheers, Andreas
  2. Andreas

    Butoh Performance

    As see right now I misspelled the name of Butoh dancer Alexander Wenzlik. I am sorry! Thank you for comments, Aswald and Patrick
  3. Andreas

    Butoh Performance

    ... by Alexander Wendlik Cheers, Andreas
  4. Hi Johant, no, it is not Koblenz, I am sorry. It is Enfola on the northern coast of Elba, a rest of a harbour for tuna fishing industry. Cheers, Andreas
  5. Another one from Venezia: Okay, could be anywhere Cheers, Andreas
  6. Isola di Elba, Italy, waiting for fine weather cheers, Andreas
  7. Sunset in the foothills of the Alps, cheers, Andreas
  8. Some ridges of the southern Alps , cheers Andreas
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