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  1. I shoot a fair amount of motorsports and 200mm is just a tad too short and money is even shorter since retirement . Ideally, I'd love to see something in the range of 270mm to 300mm. F4.5- 5.6 would be just fine so long as the lens has good contrast.
  2. X-T2, X-T20, X-E2, X-E1, X-10 The X-T2 w batt grip & XT-20 are my primary cams with the X-E2 used esp for B&W. The X-E1 currently sees little service except where there's a high risk for physical abuse/damage.The X-10 still remains as my go everywhere snapshooter.
  3. I bought the X-E3 when it came out but could not deal with the touchscreen swiping for Fn functions. I finally gave up altogether trying to stay with my favored "rangefinder" bodystyle and eventually acquired both an X-T2 and X-T20.' Pretty happy with them but I kept one of my X-E2's.
  4. currently X-T2 , X-T20 , X-E2 , plus my original X-E1 and X-10
  5. the difference in viewfinder refresh rates of XP1 vs XE2(X-T1 & Xt10 as well) makes your decision simple: XE2, hands down. that was my biggest gripe with the first gen Fuji's, and at least for me, is the difference between a frustrating, low hit rate experience and an engaging and successful shoot.
  6. holy crap! this update is far more than I was expecting. I've been mostly wishing for the af system to match that of the X-T1's and looking forward togetting an additional Fn button with the exit of the macro mode button on the d-pad. Anything extra would have been a welcome bonus but I certainly wasn't expecting all that Fujifilm have given us. Now virtually every feature and function that I regularly use is immediately accessible, more useful and/or versatile. 7 Fn buttons and auto rotating EVF/LCD info fer gawdz sakes. So far, I'm liking the new UI as well and the 3 configurable auto iso settings looks to be a superb feature. Now my concerns over my decision to sell off my X-T1's in favor of X-E2 bodies have pretty much been completely relieved. A very happy camper here. k
  7. there's another item of note that I picked up on by inspecting the pics at the Fujifilmusa website.- the "Macro" and "AF" script on the D-Pad's top and bottom buttons are now missing
  8. it'll be produced in japan and the specifications page shows no change in dimensions. firmware 4.0 for existing X-E2 owners scheduled for Feb 4. implied, tho not specifically stated, to include all the new functions available to X-E2S including Electronic shutter.
  9. the only physical changes I see are the new grip,new top plate and Fn2 button now marked "Auto". no tilt screen. still curious if the "Made in Japan" inscription is still present and if indeed the overall height has slightly increased due to the top plate cosmetic redesign . all-in-all,pretty underwhelming but then again, only a little over a month and a half ago, it seemed that the X-E line would just be allowed to die off, let alone see even this mild refresh.
  10. With *only* a $1600 budget and only the most generalized and uncommital of usage and/or shooting preferences, I'm inclined to say that you 'd be best advised to have a good sit down with yourself and not to make an immediate purchase. Without a more solid idea of your own needs and desires, it would be a huge mistake to lock yourself into ANY system at this time until you find what truely suits you. Consider taking advantage of photographic equipment rentals and see for yourself what each system offers and what they cannot.
  11. I absolutely agree and did similarly. My intention is to soon replace both my X-T1's in favor of the E2-series, primarily for their simplicity and ease of use and by extension, their *lack* of features. I find little of the T-1's additional abilities over X-E2 to be very useful in most daily useage and in certain ways, even annoying (ex.- the friggin' locking buttons on the shutterspeed and iso dials). Many of the tricks that the newer cameras have added are only accessible relatively deeply, inconveniently or just added complexity to the menu. In regards to ES (imo,a not yet fully mature feature), a ND filter in the pocket works just fine. anywhoo... ...if Fuji generously provides me with an X-T1-like focus system and perhaps frees up the R&L D-pad buttons to FN use, the T-1's are outta here and I'm an enormously happy camper.
  12. The top cover, for whatever reason, is different and unique to x-e2s and no photos have yet been made available of X-E2s's back or control interfaces so there are still unanswered questions as to how much, if anything, has actually changed and is or is not practical to address via firmware.
  13. so the grip accounts for the additional width and depth with a chassis seal taking up that solitary mm of height. otherwise we're looking at a revision of the castings & housings of XP1. imo, a good thing
  14. This looks much more promising than I'd feared and a bit less than I would have wished. I would find it much more desireable had it featured even a basic built-in albada finder. Otherwise, I'm *okay* with what I see, size and feature-wise (would rather a 20-28mm lens but 18 is acceptable)and admit that I'm even somewhat drawn to it's appearance. So, for me, it comes down to pricing, and build. Finger's crossed.
  15. I dunno... the more I read, the more i'm picturing a mildly reworked X-M1 with a fixed lens and touch screen
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