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  1. Anyone with experience using X Fuji Cameras and continuos light like led lights or ice lights ? It is a alternative to using flash ?
  2. Beautiful job! Excellent way to do something different! Congratulatios, very cool!
  3. Thanks for your opinion! I think fuji has very good quality but I worry a little the autofocus system And I have to correct, The lens that I used was the 56mm 1.2 R and I have excellent images with this lens, but in a event I lost some pictures because the autofocus wasn't enough fast, I had to use manual focus and the pictures than I took were excellent!
  4. Great jobs Ryan!, definitly something I like from fuji jpegs is that they are almost ready to deliver to a client!, and definitly to use jpegs must have to domain exposure
  5. And what about post processing on a wedding? How much jpeg's photos do you guys use?, or in a wedding is just for RAW with post processing? It's because I have seen good quality in jpgs files, almost ready to deliver to a client but in the real world, it is safe to shoot fuji jpg's instead of raw?
  6. Hi people! In your experience it is better autofocus of the xt-1 over x-e2? and what about the xt-1 against canon 5DMarkIII? I'm impressed with the optical quality but I Had no good experience with my x-e2 with a 52 1.2 lens autofocus performance. I'm thinking using my x-e2 in weddings like a back up camera. Im using canon's DLSR, but the fuji autofocus system worry me. I'm impressed with the weddings examples that I found here, and I would like to try with fuji systems
  7. HI! Im impressed with the quality of Fuji Film Simulation, using this modes the JPG images are almost ready, but I would like to know what do you guys prefers? Using Film Simulation or RAW files with a little of post processing?
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