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  1. Thank you all. As stated in the above responses, tripod is definitely ideal. Aceflibble- You do have a logical point regarding the larger sensor size in medium format. I was thinking along the same lines. -T-Man
  2. Hello all- I was at the Hasselblad X1D preview yesterday. The product manager stated that, "Hasselblad very consciously decided against IBIS. It degrades overall image quality." Is this also Fuji's position? What do you guys think, is Hasselblad correct? Is it something that pertains more to larger (medium format) sensors? Cheers. T-Man
  3. FYI folks- Kenmore Camera is having their store-wide anniversary sale this Friday and Saturday only. I bought another X-T1 in Graphite Silver today for $1,099 plus tax. I believe the Black X-T1 is priced at $899. I also noticed that the X-E2 is priced at $599. Basically, $100 off on top of the Fuji rebate. Cheers.
  4. I have a X100T also and I never noticed "soft[ness] at closer focus distances," even with tele and wide lens attachments. However, I do see diffraction kicking-in at f/8. But hey, we all have different thresholds. Cheers.
  5. Fuji has a fantastic 23mm f/2 aspherical lens on X100 series, a pancake design. If I were Fuji, I would choose to modify an existing lens rather than develop an entirely new formula. But...
  6. Fantastic! Hoping for weather sealing and I am assuming "compact" means pancake. Next, weatherize the XF 56mm f/1.2.
  7. Perhaps a pancake 23mm f/2 "R" in XF with weather sealing? Can't be much larger than X100's lens; will be smaller than the 23mm f/1.4 R.
  8. Thanks for pointing that out, Rauchbier. I am sure they have a market for the 28mm effective fov, but I would prefer ~43mm effective fov with 1x viewfinder magnification. I recently traded my aging Leica M9 and some glass for the Leica Q. I returned the Q after a week because I did not find its 28mm effective fov good for anything except landscape since I don't do street photography. It has 35mm and 50mm frames but they are crops and cost resolution. Q is a good camera, just not for me. In fact, I find the XF 27mm f/2.8 and X-E2 combination almost ideal for casual shooting. With electronic shutter via firmware version 4.0 on X-E2, X100T has become redundant and I probably will be trading it towards the remaining balance on my preordered X-Pro2. Cheers. T-Man
  9. Thanks for the reportage! The 28mm (~43mm effective) fov will be fantastic. I guess they can fit a variant XF 27mm f/2.8. Lets hope for a f/2 or wider and adjustable viewfinder magnification; even better if it comes with weather sealing.
  10. My experiences with Fuji's service have been nothing but excellent. I have two X-T1 cameras (Black and Graphite Silver.) G.S.' SD Card Compartment door got really loose and the Black's Connector Compartment door was warping. Sent the GS to their Edison (NJ) service facility; only took a week from the time I sent in and received it back. The Black was sent in yesterday. About ten months or so ago, my X100s after firmware update started introducing horizontal bands when used with film simulations (jpegs) at smaller apertures. The camera had been out of warranty for a few months then and Fuji service was going to charge me; I think they quoted me $185. The next day I got a response to my first email I had sent to tech support that requested me to call them. The person I spoke with worked in QA. He asked me to not send the camera to Service, instead send it to his unit; apparently for testing. They offered me a X100T as replacement. Arrived next day via Overnight. When I opened the box it included the X100T camera, tele and wide attachments, hood, thumb rest and soft shutter release, an extra battery, and the leather case with strap. Everything black instead of silver but brand-new! Made me very happy. Cheers.
  11. This is how it is working for me: Fn1 assigned to Command Dial Setting. SS Dial in manual. Clicking the Fn1 button switches between Aperture and SS. Both will appear in blue text with a half circle appearing above the one selected. This is assuming that you have the XF 27mm f/2.8 mounted. Cheers.
  12. By changing the Command Dial setting to shutter speed. You can also assign Command Dial Setting to a function button for quick access. Blue Wrench Tab #2 ---> Button/Dial Settings ---> Command Dial Setting ---> S.S. Cheers.
  13. http://www.fujifilmusa.com/press/news/display_news?newsID=880912
  14. No longer a rumor. Found the below linked Verge article worth my while and thought I should share it. Discusses X-Pro2's and X-E2S' official features and pricing. http://www.theverge.com/2016/1/14/10766824/fuji-x-pro-2-announced-specs-price-release-date Of course Fujifilm has the specs on their website too: http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/digital_cameras/x/fujifilm_x_pro2/index.html Cheers.
  15. Tsk, tsk. Calling me a liar! This will be my last post on this matter. I had mistaken this forum to be polite. You know the backstory I posted in another thread regarding my IBELUX lens. I sold it to the camera store and applied the money towards X-Pro2 pre-order. The receipt has $1699 as the selling price. Of course if Fuji announces a lower price upon release, I will pay the lesser.
  16. I don't know and I frankly don't give a 'bupke' about "how." All I am interested in is that there is a new Fuji X-Pro coming out and I am buying it. I was just confirming the rumors regarding $1699 price. Cheerios!
  17. I put a deposit today for the X-Pro2 pre-order. The selling price on my receipt for body only is $1,699. Cheers.
  18. Well, I was able to trade the IBELUX in for $350; applied as a deposit towards the upcoming X-Pro2.
  19. That's a great idea! Thank you. If it doesn't sell on eBay, I might take it to Cameratech in Ballard and ask them to see if that's possible.
  20. A long time ago when I was buying my first camera with my own money, the salesman who was an old photographer advised, "I am a traditionalist. Black camera for work and a silver for fun!" This has stuck with me so far in life. I like the all black and black with silver accent finishes.
  21. Adorama told me that they didn't sell a single unit in 2015.
  22. Wish I could. I had ordered for the Fujifilm X-mount but the lens I got is for Canon EF-M mount. A shipping error by Amazon. Was hoping to get it replaced but Amazon is "out-of-stock"on the FX mount version. I don't think it will be replenishing because they have cancelled my replacement order and refunded all my money with the instructions that they don't want the lens to be returned. I tried it on a borrowed Canon EOS-M3 for a few hours. Did not have an EVF to nail focus. But images just looked really poor on the LCD. Anyways, I'll keep the lens if I can use it with my Fujifilm X-T1, Nikon Df or Leica M-P, but haven't been able to find an adapter. Perhaps the actual mount on the lens can be replaced from EF-M to FX. Tried to trade-in--B&H declined to take the lens, Adorama offered $200 store credit, and KEH hasn't replied. I have it on eBay (no watchers) and on Craigslist.
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