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  1. Additional image showing 100% zoom, shot at f6.4 1/3000 @ 206.5mm. I would say this is more inline of my expectation in terms of IQ and performance. Thank you!
  2. Ever since receiving my 70-300, I've found the sharpness to be wildly inconsistent and rather disappointing. Even when shooting in broad daylight and at a high shutter speed I've found what appears to be smearing and refraction like rendering. I've attached a screenshot of just a recent image taken out at the beach, it's at 100% zoom. I'm trying to figure out if perhaps I have a bad copy of the lens, shooting wrong, etc. Thanks for the help. XPro3 + 70-300 at f6.4 — 1/3200 — 268.2mm FL Continuous AF with OIS on. (Handheld)
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