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  1. Thanks Jerryyy! I never worked out how the AE-L and AF-L buttons worked ! I didn't realize they are only(?) active when selecting MF... I thought MF was (as with Nikon) a disconnect of the AF-motor between the body and the lens. Now I get it, wow, huge improvement !
  2. Hi, I am looking for some assistance with my X-T10 and how to manage focus and exposure. When pressing the shutter-release half way, it triggers both AE and AF, is there any way to make it only trigger AE and then set AF to a diffrent button? For instance: I want to have focus on a plant in the foreground, but I want the exposure to be on a bright spot in the backgound. When I was shooting with Nikon, I would trigger AF with a dedicated button, and then trigger AE with the shutter-release, giving me perfect control of both exposure and focus. Can I do the same with the X-T10 ? All the best Jens, Denmark
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