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  1. I resorted to backing up settings via X-Acquire and doing a complete reset. After that it worked! Then I copied back my settings, and it still worked. Go figure.
  2. See below. I tried one series where the distance spanned ~100cm, one where it went from a distance of 1m to 10m, and one where it went from 2m to infinity.
  3. Thanks for the video, but it doesn't have any knowledge I didn't already apply, per my original post. I even tried both AF-S and M. Same result.
  4. I have set my dial to BKT1, defined BKT1 as Focus Bracketing in the menu, and tried different step sizes from 1 to 10 in the Focus Bracketing settings. I am shooting AF-S and using the 16-80 Fuji lens at f4 but it just won't move the focus – the whole series of shots have the same focus. What setting could override/prevent focus bracketing from functioning?
  5. Thanks @cpX – from those threads I draw the conclusion that there is some aspect of OIS that you can't turn off. It's a shame that the link provided in the page that your fourth link leads to, for Fuji discussing this in a support article, is broken.
  6. On my X-T30, with the 16-80mm lens, I hear a constant whirring from the lens while the camera is turned on. I thought this must be the IS, so to conserve battery I went to the menu and set IS to "Shooting+motion", but there was no difference. Then I tried setting IS to "Off" – still no difference, there is still a constant whirring from the lens. I turned the camera off, took the lens off, put it back and turned the camera back on – no difference. What is going on?
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