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  1. First my firmware change request has been sent to Fuji Japan - Hopefully this will be actioned at some point. Second the best workaround I have found is to go to custom button setting and set both the up and down buttons (surrounding the menu button) to ISO. Then to change the ISO up you press the up button, Iso menu pops up and your finger is already on the up button and further presses increases the ISO. Similar with the down button but the second press onwards reduces the ISO. This makes changing easier but doesn't solve the lack of the exposure indicator. I agree it is really not what I expected. I decide after quite some thinking to keep the X-H2s as I can work round the issue and I do expect it will be fixed in the medium term.
  2. I believe the command dial settings are universal for all shooting modes on the PASM dial including C1-C7. They can be changed in Spanner-Button/Dial Settings-Command Dial Settings menu option. Note - Having aperture set to command wheel should not stop the Lens aperture ring updating the aperture value. The lens ring will override the command wheel.
  3. I struggle to get past the early part of the review. He comments very negatively that the Manual-Single-Continuous focusing switch of previous cameras has been replaced by a button and popup menu, due to cost saving. Such switches will not work with the new C1-C7 custom settings, If you set C1 to Continuous and C2 To single, how would the mechanical switch update as you change from C1 to C2? If I can figure this out and a professional reviewer does not I find it hard to trust their opinions.
  4. I have seen this issue touched upon in other threads but I have just raised the issue with Fujifilm so thought it would be good to create a specific post. Please see the below description, if this effects your use of the X-H2S please add to the comments and I will forward all comments to Fuji. Issue Description When shooting in ‘Manual Mode’ it is not possible to assign ISO and SS to the rear or front command wheels. This can be done on the XT3, XT4 and GFX100. The only options for the command dials on the X-H2S are Aperture and Shutter Speed. They do not include ISO. The options are identical for both ‘Manual Mode’ and ‘C1-C7 Manual Modes’ Firmware Change Request 1) Add the ability to assign ISO, Aperture, SS and Exp Comp to both the front and rear command dials when in Manual mode (Priority - Must have requirement). 2) Allow point 1) to be configured for manual mode independently within C1-C7. (Priority - Should Have requirement). Work Around The work round is to select the ISO button and use the rear wheel, but this removes all information from the EVF / LCD apart from the ISO selection. Importantly the ‘exposure indicator’ is not viewable, meaning the correct ISO must be guessed or calculated before selecting the ISO button. Issue Impact When shooting fully manual in fast moving workflows, shots will be repeatedly missed or incorrectly exposed due requiring multiple guesses to get the correct ISO / Exposure for the selected SS and Aperture.
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