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  1. All, Please don't laugh - when shooting still targets, landscape and architecture - I really get great results with my X-H1 and X-T3. But when I start taking photos of my daughter, and any other moving targets - I really get poor results. I've never really noticed this before, since mostly shooting landscapes and such, but now with my daughter I really struggle. Nikon autofocus on my DSLR's is extremely quick and consistent. I understand that the focus on these cameras will not be as consistent, but I think it should be much better than what I am getting. Scenes are mostly in doors and white balance is set to the neon 3 setting. ISO's typically in the 800-1200 range, Aperture anywheres between F1.2 to F4 (56m F1.2), shutter no slower then 125. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. The X-H1 is probably the most ergonomic for me, especially when using the battery grip - but when you use the grip with the X-T3 handles really well too. I have a leather Fujifilm case for my X-T30 that makes the camera really comfortable to use. The X-E1 is just ok, I really never use the EVF, so have the leather case makes it easier to hold, but its not ergonomic at all. One thing to note - with smaller lenses up to the 56mm f1.2 - the X-T3 is awesome to use. As of late, has become my most used camera. But with the big zooms - the X-T3 just seems a little out of sorts. The X-H1 is the machine is use when I'm using the big glass.
  3. I'm really struggling on the X-H2S - I'm not a vidoegrapher so I'm not exactly sure what I'll gain from the new camera - other than some significant improvements in autofocus (I'm terrible at this by the way). Gonna wait for the big boy with the larger censor (and hoping its X Trans). As for their positioning in the Market - It appears that, if there will even be such a thing, the X-T? will be a less capable camera based on their event some time back. They are really moving forward with driving the X-H2? to the premier slot in their lineup. I'm also 99% sure I will catch a lot of flack for that statement - but here are some things to consider: 1) Top Tier Nikon, Canon and Sony Releases are getting so expensive that they are cost prohibitive for most shooters. 2) Fuji is trying to lure those disenfranchised shooters away from the big 3 with better features, fantastic build quality and comprehensive lens list. I think the form factor for the X-S10 and the X-H2S are 100% aimed at those shooters. Now before anyone calls me out - I love the way my X-T3 handles, the the X-H1 is a beast. I love the old school Fujifilm design language. So much so that I want the X Pro 3 to add as well. I have not had this much fun shooting photos in almost a decade.
  4. I'm about 99% certain that the X-T3 and X-H1 should deliver better results - hence me joining the forum. But - I have had really good luck with my photos in the X-E1. If you were looking at them technically you would roll your eyes - but from an artistic perspective - people seem to like them. Even won a few awards for a few of my photos over the years. But Sharp and in Focus aren't always mutually dependent - with my big bodies - there's a lot to learn on how the focus works. With Nikon that was never an issue. If I absolutely need a shot right now - I'll run my new / old D500 with the 70-200. But the issue with the Nikon stuff really is the kit is heavy, and the photos lose some sort of context. Not really sure why, but the NIKON RAWS alway process out so clinically clean. Fuji's film simulations are incredible - and when shooting black and white - that's all I really use. When I shoot color - I tend to play with the RAW files more often.
  5. Hello all, Thank the moderators for creating this place of discussion for Fujifilm users. I was a Nikon shooter for ages and then started changing after the purchase of my still trusty X-E1. I've been full-on into the system since 2020 (lack of stuff to do and maybe a little more free income then planned) so I really started investing in my kit. I added a few more bodies (X-H1, X-T3, & X-T30) and a ton of lenses. As far as my photography skills are I suppose I'm somewhere between a wannabe and a hack - I try really hard, study really hard and shoot as much as possible. Fujifilm vs. Nikon is a question I get asked a lot - and I can tell you this - the photos I have gotten from my Nikon kit are incredible - technically extremely good. But as I started to shoot the X-E1 on travels - noticed something even more special - soul. My photos seemed to have developed a character and feel which removed the clinical aspect out of my photography. My struggles with Fujifilm are largely technical - with my X-T3 I can't ever seem to nail the focus - which drives me nuts. My X-H1 can be similar, but less so on the focusing issue. My X-T30 seems to perform well and funny enough the best photos I get are still with my X-E1. I am hoping I can contribute to the forum with editing and composition - I think I am decent with this. I really would like some assistance on improving my technical facility with the large bodies. I have lots of bodies, lenses and other gear that I have not mentioned - so look at my profile and if you have questions about any of the gear listed there please let me know.
  6. You know, I'm still getting some great images off of my X-E1. Its been my trusted companion for years and rarely lets me down. It will not be great for fast action, but if you are shooting anything else its just fine. Sensor is not as dense with pixels as the new cameras, so you have to be sure on composition. I can't even remember exactly when I bought this camera, but it was when I was a full time Nikon Shooter. I wanted a small travel camera with interchangeable lenses and the Nikon offering at the time was really bad, 4/3 was super expensive and Canon hadn't even went there. This was on sale for like $700 with the 27mm F2.8 and the 18-55 F2.8-3.5. Couldn't argue, and at the price, was easy to just try it out. Best decision I ever made - I can't say my absolute sharpest, most technically correct photos came out of this camera, but I can tell you that my absolute favorite photos have. If you see this get it - you won't be disappointed. And by the way the lower resolution actually makes for some incredibly beautiful black and white photos.
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