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  1. only happened twice though and cant reproduce the error
  2. OEM, still dk the cause but it hasnt reproduced but i have put little over 6 hours of use since the last freeze How were your freezes like? if the camera showed a live HUD and the light blinking then its definitely SD card. My freezing was the camera being unresponsive and the screen did not turn on
  3. definitely not i dont use the shutter dial often
  4. i checked a lot of times
  5. today while shooting, my xt3 had a shutter delay, it did nothing when i pressed the shutter, but only took a shot when i released the shutter, it only happened twice, and im using some vintage manual focus lenses so no focus/release priorities, any clue?
  6. it doesnt seem to be the fault of an sd card thoughy as i was in the settings changing white balance and no orange transfer light was on, the screen just froze and wont turn off
  7. My XT3 froze while i was changing wb in the menu after a day shooting in direct sunlight and hot weather. SD card is Lexar 1066x 120mb/s write. No overheating warning popped up or any form of high temp warning, but camera was very warm. The screen was unresponsive and would not turn off after i had turned it off. I was in the car with air conditioning when this happened so it was cooling down. The shutter still worked when i pressed it but no photo was written to the card.
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