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  1. @Adam HillDon't sure it's mine case - it happens randomly. @bce.gatienYes, It's end up with two images. @Greybeard Attaching two examples https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sw0e4b1ly32m53w/AAA148IuXeNrXF51BROfB6dla?dl=0 Thanks
  2. Hi, Mine has a rubber band like in the example here (example). From time to time I tighten it, but besides it, it works great. Thanks
  3. @jerryy Thanks, sounds reaonable hack
  4. Hi, The focus square is white. Sometimes, especially when in sunglasses, I struggle to find it. This is annoying. I start moving it with a joystick, it takes time and I miss the moment. Is there a way to change its color or another way to make it more prominent? Similar thread Thanks
  5. Hi, While in single-shot mode (not in slow/fast continuous burst mode), while pressing the shutter button, from time to time camera performs a double shot. What is this? What setting controls the behaviour? Thanks
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