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  1. Hello everyone, I just feed the battery of my new X-T4 for the first time, and it took less than an hour (55 min). The company give an approximate time of 4.5 hours for the first charge. Is it something that could be subject to variations like that? Thanks! Ben
  2. Hello everyone, EDIT: Someone helped me, and I had my answer! I apologize for this useless topic!
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Benjamin, I am 35 and I am a newbie in the Fufi-world. I just bought my first camera, a XT-4 with XF 16/80F4 R OIS WR. It is a huge task to tame this beast (I was working with Canon for years before Fuji), and I am curious to read this forum more deeply! Thanks for having me! Ben
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