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  1. HI

    I bought the GF 20-35 a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied.

    The sharpness is formidable from edge to edge, the construction rock solid, the balance excellent.

    At the same time I also used the GF 23: the performance of the two lenses are similar but the zoom is much more versatile.

    In my PHOTO gallery you can see some shots taken with the GF 20-35.

    The only flaw is the very high price but still well below, for example, the Hasselblad prices.

  2. The FUJI GFX catalog lacks a "serious" telephoto lens.

    In fact, the choice stops at the GF250, which corresponds to a 200 on the full frame.

    I hope that at least a 400 or 500mm will be built and produced soon, perhaps not too bright otherwise it would be too heavy.

    For example a 400f5,6 or a 500f6,3 (naturally with the possibility of mounting the 1,4X): in this way, even the price would not be..."crazy"

  3. We are ALL waiting for the MTF tests of the GF 20-35, to verify if the optical quality is comparable (or better?) to the fixed lenses (in particular the GF 23 and GF 30) !!!

    We hope that some independent company will soon examine this lens which, on paper, appears to be very good.

    Meanwhile, it is known for sure that deliveries to stores will be delayed due to the shortage of electronic parts and the large number of reservations.

  4. When I used Leica reflex (film), a technician suggested a very light lubrication using (with extreme caution) a cotton swab with a single drop of lubricant and then wiping with a paper towel to distribute it better, eliminating any drop even the smallest.

    With the digital sensor so exposed, you have to be even more cautious.

    I also had the same problem with the GF35-70, but after some assembly / disassembly the necessary force decreased. The new "bayonet" must also be "run in" due to the presence of the rubber seal ring


  5. Hello schoepy

    I have owned the GFX 50S-II since March (with around 2000 shots) and this problem has not occurred yet, thankfully. The problem of burnt pixels is typical and unique to the sensor structure and seems to afflict many cameras of many different brands. I think the cause is the frenzied rush to resolution / sharpness, which generates increasingly "dense" sensors: it is clear that among many millions of pixels "someone" can go wrong ...

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