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  1. Never mind, I was issued a Canon 5DS, which is a pain, because I have a load of Nikon Glass :-D
  2. Hi, I am a long time admirer of the Fuji X system, but have yet to buy a digital camera. I typically rent a system when needed and make do with my existing film cameras. I now have a requirement for a good, weather resistant, digital system and projected rental costs are now more expensive than buying. I need to photograph items similar in detail and structure to coins, as close to 1.1 as possible and often in austere environments. I love the XT-2 from the limited exposure I have had to it and clearly the 80mm macro seems ideal. I am struggling to find a good ring flash which wi
  3. Ah, good point, the MF negative size would maybe be more demanding than that of aps-c-sized camera sensors and make building a lens converter that much more difficult (and expemsive). Cheers, Jonathan
  4. Hi folks, I know this is predominantly for digital 'X' users, but a thought occurred to me that with the recent release of a brace of lens conversions for the x100 series Fuji could, technically at least, market a similar lens conversion system for the magnificent Fuji GF670 series of film cameras. Would there be any appetite, or any reason why a 50mm equivalent conversion lens could not be made? Cheers, Jonathan
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