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  1. Jerryy suggest to convert my video with ffmpeg before import in finalcut pro x?
  2. there is no way we can find out with same test ?
  3. what to believe , Exiftool(24bit), Mediainfo(10bit) , FFMeg(Missing) or VLC(10Bit) ?
  4. you come to my words... and know what we are doing ? Fuji say lie ? they deceived us ?
  5. Yes.This is the link.. https://bit.ly/3jYruWh
  6. You ordering DZOFilm Pictor 20 to 55mm T2.8 . Can you upload sample video ?
  7. Recently check with Exiftool(terminal) the video information of my last shoot and i found out bit depth say 24 .. this mean 8 bit pre channel , I'am wrong ? . I shoot in 1080p H265 10 bit . Also video megapixel is very low . Someone has encountered the same issue?
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