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  1. In my opinion, there is a HUGE difference in AF speed using the XF56/1.2 with the X-T1 vs. the X-T2! My XF56/1.2 coupled to my X-T2 is surely not the fastest lens I have, but the difference between the XF35/2 and the XF56/1.2 gets much smaller and it is really usable in most situations, especially in low light. As I love the very special look at f/1.2 and stunning sharpness of the XF56/1.2 (see below, just as an example), I would never switch to the XF50/2. However, I have to admit that I mainly use this lens for portraits. If fast AF tracking is really needed or I only had the X-T1 (or similar), I would at least think about the new lens.
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